Can I Play Payday 3 Solo?

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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Payday 3 is a multiplayer cooperative game by design. But can you play Payday 3 solo if you wish to do so?

Since the release of the original Payday: The Heist, the heist shooter franchise has gained a massive, loyal player base. Fortunately for the fans, the third entry in the series Payday 3 is closing in on its release date. Developer Starbreeze Studio has listed the game for release on September 21, 2023, on both PC and console.

Payday 3 is a 4-player cooperative online heist simulator. As a player, you participate in a well-planned heist as a part of the 4 member gang. Whether the heist goes as planned or down the road depends on each member executing their part of the plan properly.

From its gameplay design and mechanics, Payday 3 is highly based on online multiplayer. But if you wish to go solo and execute the heist on your own, is it possible? The answer is – Yes, you can.

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Can I Play Payday 3 Solo?

Developer Starbreeze Studio has kept a way to enjoy Payday 3 solo if you wish to do so. But there is a catch.

The heist missions in Payday 3 are designed for 4 players to take part equally. So you can not do the mission all by yourself. Therefore, you can start a single-player mission, but AI bots will take the slots of the other 3 players.

To start a Payday 3 solo heist, you must create an invite-only multiplayer session. After creating a private room, you’ll have the option to add AI bots to complete your team. The game will launch a private matchmaking session where other players can join only if you invite them.

Note that whether you go solo or queue with your friends, you must always be online, as the game can not be played in offline mode.

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