Bloodhound might be getting the next Twitch prime exclusive skin in Apex Legends, according to a recent leak

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends player can redeem free exclusive twitch prime skin if they are already an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Respawn partnered with Twitch to give players a chance to gain free exclusive skins that they can own to further customize their favorite legend. So far a lot of characters in Apex Legends already got their own exclusive skins.

How to get Twitch prime exclusive skin:

To redeem these skins, players just have to have a valid Amazon prime subscription and connect their prime account with twitch. Furthermore, this process is also similar to other games such as Call of Duty. The addition of these skins gives Amazon Prime subscribers some extra incentive to renew their monthly prime subscriptions.

In season 6, Respawn already gave away a pretty dope looking rare Rampart skin along with a free gun charm. Shrugtal who is one of the most reliable data miners in the Apex Legends data mining scene just confirmed that Bloodhound is getting the Amazon prime treatment in the next free drop.

Bloodhound Twitch Prime skin:

Bloodhound mains are getting all the attention that they rightly deserve. Before season 5, Bloodhound was pretty underwhelming. A recon character like Bloodhound who is supposed to be really strong in a battle royale game was not really that useful in high-level play. However, things are different now in season 6 as recon characters like Bloodhound and Crypto got some massive buffs.

Additionally, Respawn decided to give Bloodhound players the next Twitch exclusive skin. Subsequently, this new dope looking rare skin should complement the sudden spike in Bloodhound players who are currently dominating the Apex games right now.

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