Apex Legends cross-play date allegedly leaked

Cross-play is coming very soon

Back in EA state of play a few months ago, Respawn officially announced that cross-play is finally coming to Apex Legends.

From now on Apex Legends players will be able to play with their friends on different consoles and the PC platform simultaneously. Although Respawn did not specify the exact date on when they will enable cross-play in Apex Legends.

Cross-play release date:

A prominent Apex Legends leaker leaked a possible date that could be when Respawn finally enables cross-play and players from different platforms can hop into the Apex games together. According to this leaker, Cross-play should be enabled on September 15th.

Since this is still a leak, take this Sept 15th release day with a grain of salt. However, the date does line up with what Respawn initially hinted towards. Therefore, if this date is correct then players from different platforms will finally be able to compete against each other in the same lobby.

Apex Legends cross-play date
Image via Respawn

Although there has been some concern over exactly how this cross-play will be implemented as PC players with mouse and keyboard are already getting tilted with the idea of having to deal with console players with aim-assist.

Some time back there was a rumor that Respawn will only match console players against PC players only if there is a PC player in the squad. However, the producer on Apex Legends later dismissed those claims. Therefore, only time will tell how Respawn will actually implement cross-play in Apex Legends.

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