Best Player Cards to use in VALORANT 2021

Here we’ll showcase some of the better player cards in Valorant to give players an idea.

Riot Games, the developers behind the popular Moba game League of Legends, and plenty of other notable free-to-play titles entered the competitive tactical shooter market with Valorant. Valorant was their foray into the world of FPS games as none of their prior games had first-person shooter elements in them.

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Similar to every other game developed by Riot, this one also uses the tried and tested “freemium” model for monetization. As such, this tactical hero shooter has no barrier to entry. Although players can spend real-world money to purchase different types of cosmetic items to customize their play sessions.

What is a player card in Valorant?

For example, player cards are one of these cosmetic items that players can show off on the main menu while they are waiting for a match to start. Also, after the game client finds a map, the game temporarily reveals player cards of all the players. Consequently, rare player cards are really sought after by the Valorant community.

Riot usually bundles unique player cards based upon a certain theme with most of the premium, exclusive, and ultra edition weapon skins. Even new Acts feature a ton of new player cards for players to choose from provided if they purchase the battle pass.

Although not all the player cards are behind a paywall. For example, agent-specific player cards are actually free to unlock if you complete agent contracts. Aside from that, Riot tends to gift the community with unique-looking free player cards on different occasions.

Top Ten Best Player Cards in Valorant

Here we’ll reveal some of the best-looking player cards in the game. We took rarity, unique colorway, and their significance to the overall lore of Valorant into consideration while choosing the top ten cards. Also, as with any other top ten list, this one is extremely subjective.

1. Radianite Confirmed

Radianite Confirmed
Image via Riot Games

Radianite confirmed player card is a part of the rewards for completing Episode 3 Act 2 battle pass. Keeping up with the theme of the Act 2 battle pass, this player card references the accurate gunplay meme that is quite popular in the Valorant community.

2. Secret Lineage

Secret Lineage
Image via Riot Games

The Secret Lineage was part of the Episode 1 Act 3 battle pass reward. Aside from a cool-looking ronin mask, this player card literally teased the player base with Yoru who would later join the vibrant agent roster of Valorant.

3. Versus Reyna + Viper

Versus Reyna + Viper Card
Image via Riot Games

This specific “Versus Reyna + Viper” card came out with Episode 2 Act 3 battle pass. It showcased Viper in her lab taking a small girl to an experiment. The player cards also featured a face-off between Reyna and Viper. This later spawned a lot of wild fan theories as to why they don’t like each other.

4. Phoenix Versus Phoenix

4. Versus Phoenix Phoenix
Image via Riot Games

Phoenix Versus Phoenix player card was added with the Episode 3 Act 2 battle pass. And it featured Phoenix facing off against Phoenix from the other dimension. The duality trailer first gave players a hint regarding this multiverse.

5. Elderflame

Image via Riot Games

Elderflame player card came with the Elderflame skin bundle which was the first Ultra edition skin line in the game. Keeping up with the overall theme of that bundle, it features a brave knight in shining armor facing off against a dragon.

6. Ruination

Image via Riot Games

The Ruination player card was launched alongside the Ruination skin bundle. And it was part of the Sentinels of Light event that originated in League of Legends. Keeping with the light vs dark theme of the event, Riot released this player card to represent the dark side in this conflict.

7. Sentinels of Light

Sentinels of Light
Image via Riot Games

The Sentinels of Light player card was part of the Sentinels of Light skin bundle. Similar to the Ruination bundle, it was part of the Sentinels of Light event. And it represented the light side in this conflict.

8. VALORANT Go! Vol. 1

VALORANT Go! Vol. 1 card
Image via Riot Games

Following massive demand from the player base, Riot Games made an anime-inspired player card which came alongside the VALORANT Go! Vol. 1 skin bundle. Riot literally captured all the agents doing anime poses and made them into jaw dropping player cards for players to equip.

9. Year One

Year One
Image via Riot Games

Year one player card was a gift from Riot Games to the Valorant community following the year one anniversary of this popular tactical shooter. Players just had to add a unique code and claim this player card. It features Jett as she celebrates the first year anniversary of the game.

10. Epilogue Skin Bait

Epilogue Skin Bait
Image via Riot Games

Epilogue Skin Bait player card was a reward for the Episode 3 Act 2 battle pass. And it is also another meme-focused player card that literally shows a player using a Prime Vandal skin to lure out any unsuspecting victims. In this case, it happens to be a greedy Jett.

How to get player cards in Valorant

While some of the unique player cards are behind a paywall in Valorant, some of the cooler ones can still be collected without spending a dime. For example, if players complete agent contracts and reach tier 9, they are eligible to get that particular agent-specific player card.

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As for weapon skin bundle and previous battle pass specific player cards, unfortunately, they might not be available in the future since they were a limited-time reward for that particular time frame. Suffices to say that you should get unique player cards that you like as soon as they are available in the digital store before they disappear forever.

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