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Image Credit: Riot Games

The Ultra Edition skin collections in VALORANT represent the top-of-the-line skins in the game. And so far, only 3 of them have been made available to the community.

In total, there are five different tiers of skins in VALORANT. These are: “Select Edition,” “Deluxe Edition,” “Premium Edition,” “Ultra Edition,” and “Exclusive Edition.” Among them, the Ultra Edition skins are by far the most unique-looking cosmetic items in the game.

Ultra Edition skins are top-tier reactive skins that players can purchase in VALORANT using VP(Valorant Points). Also, these skins are upgradeable using Radianite points to unlock even more color variations, sound effects, and VFX. These effects range from basic lighting effects to full-fledged animations.

Unlike the other skin collections, the price of the Ultra Edition skins varies drastically from one another. As of this writing, Riot Games has released 3 Ultra Edition skin bundles. These are Elderframe, Protocol 781-A, and Radiant Entertainment System.

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Ultra Edition Skins


Elderflame skin bundle
Image via Riot Games
Release DateJuly 7, 2020 (Patch 1.03)
Price9900 VP
Available weaponsFrenzy, Judge, Operator, Vandal, Dagger
Color VariantsBase, Red, Blue, Dark
Extra ItemsGun Buddy, Playercard, Spray

The Elderflame skin bundle was first announced in 2020, following the global release of VALORANT. Riot went out with their first Ultra Edition skin as they transformed a living breathing dragon into a skin line.

It looked as if these skins had a personality of their own. Keeping in line with other skins, the Elderflame bundle had upgrades for cool effects and four unique color variants like Red with subtle blue highlights, the default grey & orange, a mixture of blue & red, and lastly, a dark variant with purple highlights.

Protocol 781-A

Protocol 781-A
Image via Riot Games
Release DateJanuary 11, 2022 (patch 4.00)
Price9900 VP
Available WeaponsSheriff, Bulldog, Spectre, Phantom, Personal Administrative Melee Unit
Color VariantsBase, White/Pink, Red/Blue, Green
Extra ItemsGun Buddy, Playercard, Spray

Riot finally released a second ultra-edition skin in VALORANT called Protocol 781-A. As this is an Ultra Edition skin, Riot went out of its way to make something unique. Even though there are plenty of skins in VALORANT with a futuristic design theme, the release of Protocol 781-A Riot pushed the boundary once again on how much you can do with weapon skin.

At its core, Protocol 781-A features a dystopian cyberpunk design. On top of that, this skin line features unique voice lines as a fifth upgrade level to make it stand out from other Exclusive and Premium Edition skins.

Like the Elderflame bundle, Protocol 781-A features four color variants that can be upgraded using Radianite points.

Radiant Entertainment System

radiant entertainment system
Credit: riot games
Release DateApril 25, 2023 (patch 6.08)
Price11900 VP
Available WeaponsGhost, Phantom, Bulldog, Operator, Power Fist
Color VariantsBase, Dance Fever, K.nock O.ut!!
Extra Items3x Gun Buddies, 3x Playercards, 3x Sprays

At first glance, the skin may look pretty ordinary. However, the animations and the sound of the skins will change your mind. The sound of the arcade games and pixelated animations will take you back to earlier days. Moreover, the skin has color variations and upgrades that may make every skin look different. So you can literally have multiple skins in one bundle.

Ultra Edition Skin Price

The Elderframe and Protocol 781-A bundles cost 9900 VP, meaning almost $100 for each collection. However, Riot Games went up another level by releasing the Radiant Entertainment System collection, which was available for purchase for a total of 11900 VP. As of now, it remains the most expensive skin bundle in VALORANT. However, there are only three Ultra Edition skins in the game. So, it only makes sense that these skin bundles are really rare and supposed to be expensive.

How to Buy Ultra Edition Skins

Unfortunately, the Ultra Edition skins can no longer be bought as a whole bundle. Riot usually releases a skin bundle as a whole set. And they stay in the digital store for two weeks. After that time, the bundle can’t be purchased as a whole skin set anymore.

valorant store
image via diamondlobby

The only way to get a hold of these ultra skins is to wait for each individual Ultra skin to arrive in your in-game store’s rotating shop, which usually features four unique skins from past bundles. And the store rotates every 24 hours.

So, if you somehow managed to get lucky and the RNG God blessed you with an Ultra skin, go to the store and claim that using Valorant points. Also, you can use Radianite points to unlock additional custom sound effects, animations, color variations, and finishers.

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