VALORANT YR1 EVENTS: Night Market Returns, Player Cards, Community Battle Pass, YR1 EVENT PASS, & More

It’s already been a year since VALORANT first officially launched following a month-long closed beta.

To celebrate this occasion, Riot Games is now introducing a slate of events and opportunities. These events will apparently have specific starting and ending dates starting from June 2nd and will last until July.

The fan-favorite Night Market, which is basically a randomly generated discount shop is also making a return. Aside from that, Riot is also introducing the give-back bundle where fans can vote for their favorite weapon skins to be selected as a part of the skin bundle.

50% proceeds from the give-back bundle will go to Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Furthermore, free YR1 event pass, player cards, squad boost, WWFEST, and more are also coming in the upcoming weeks.

Night.Market Starting and Ending dates

The night market will return on June 2nd. Players will be able to receive a collection of six random skins available to purchase, discounted and unique to each individual player.


Players can vote for their favorite skins to be selected as part of the Give Back bundle. Visit here and cast your vote between June 2–7 for your preference of the offered item choices. The winners will be announced on June 16.

Players will be able to purchase the bundle from June 22–July 8, and 50% of the proceeds from Weapon skins and 100% from accessories in the Give Back Bundle, will go towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, in partnership with Impact Assets.

How to redeem Player Cards

Make room for three on your VALORANT Player Card checklist and collect the Limited Edition YR1 set that celebrates Episodes 1, 2, and 3. The first card is already available for players to redeem and more is on the way.

  • EP1 (6/9) – Redeem via code [YR1] using our code redemption page
  • EP2 (6/14) – Coming your way via a special YR1 Prime Gaming Drop
  • EP3 – Collect as part of the first-ever YR1 Event Pass

Community Battlepass Starting and Ending Dates

Each region in VALORANT will be able to take part in this community-made battle pass. Basically, fans will be able to vote for a unique item like Sprays, Gun Buddies, and titles that best reflect their local region.

The VALORANT dev team will review the top vote earners, with select items to appear in a future Community-powered Battlepass in Episode 4. The voting will start on June 13th and will end on June 25th.


WWFEST is an experimental music and art festival to celebrate the VALORANT YR1 party. This time, Riot will feature artists and they will perform around the world.

YR1 Free Event Pass

Riot has confirmed that the YR1 Event Pass will be free for everyone as a gift to the entire VALORANT community. No prerequisites, no VP spend, just 7 levels of exclusive YR1 items like the Episode 3 Player Card, a Gun Buddy, and more. Just play VALORANT, earn XP, and unlock.

YR1 event pass will be avaible from June 22th to July 6th.

Episode 3 Livestream

Episode 3 will begin just right after the YR1 party wraps up. Later, devs from the Competitive, Agents, and Premium Content teams will give players an early look at Episode 3 and year two. Tune in on Twitch, June 21 at 10 AM PT to experience the event live.

Squad Boost Explained

For a limited period of time, VALORANT players will get more XP while queuing with friends. It will be a month-long boost starting from June 22th to July 26th giving players more chances to earn some extra XP to level up their battle pass.

Your boost depends on your party size. Queue as a tag team and you get 8% extra XP. Form a triple threat and you get 12%. Queue with four, and you get more—that’s 16%. Five-stack and you earn a 20% XP boost.

Account Leveling

Riot finally confirmed recent rumors that they were working on some sort of account leveling system for the game. More regarding the leveling system will be revealed in the Episode 3 Livestream.

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