Best Horizon Skins in Apex Legends 2023: All Skins Ranked from Worst to Best

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Here we will talk about all the best Horizon skins that Respawn has released in Apex Legends so far in 2023.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game that Respawn released in February 2019. Because of its free-to-play model, many players accepted the game with a warm welcome, and as a result, Apex Legends did not take long to become one of the best battle royale games.

The game was released with some unique features that made the game stand out from the rest of the crowd. One such feature was the legend system. Respawn introduced characters with real backgrounds, histories, and unique abilities. Apex Legends players instantly became hooked up with the game and its legends.

Every Apex Legends player owns a favorite character they love to play the most, calling it their mains. Players play those legends because they have sentimental relationships with those characters.

Dr. Mary Somers, AKA Horizon, is one such fan-favorite character. Betrayed and left by Dr. Ashleigh, AKA Ash, Horizon got stuck into the orbit of a black hole. But eventually, she made it out of space and reached Olympus with the help of her drone N.E.W.T. to find that she was 87 years late and her son was not there.

Later she joined Apex Games as an offensive legend in season 7 of Apex Legends. She had gravity-based abilities, making her one of the best offensive legends in the game. After the substantial Wraith nerfs in season 5, Horizon became a viable alternative as an offensive legend for every squad, and players loved Horizon.

Since the release of Horizon, she received some cool legendary cosmetics such as default legendary skins, event-specific skins, recolors, and battle pass skins. And every Horizon main must go through these skins to find the perfect ones for them.

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How Many Horizon Skins are there in Apex Legends?

Right now, in season 16 of Apex Legends, Respawn has released 63 skins for Horizon so far. And among them, there are 16 legendary, 10 epic, 21 rare, and 16 common skins for Horizon.

Best Horizon Skins in Apex Legends (A Complete Tier List)

Here we’ll try to rank all the legendary Horizon skins that Respawn has released and put them into three distinct categories: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.

The S-Tier Horizon skins are the most desired skins among Horizon players. A-Tier skins are unique and closely mirror their S-Tier brethren. Finally, B-Tier Horizon skins are legendary cosmetics, but they feel mediocre in comparison to S and A-Tier Horizon skins.

These Horizon skins have been graded based on their appearance, rarity, and popularity. This tier list, like any other, is entirely subjective, and any of the skins mentioned below may be placed anywhere on this list. This list is intended primarily to assist novices and veteran players looking for some of the best-looking legendary Horizon skins.

Best(S-Tier)Dark Matter, Supermassive, Brood Mother, Biophysic
Good(A-Tier)Phoenix Rising, Golden Boson, Jewel of Olympus, Biotic Luminary,
Average(B-Tier)Rising Storm, Galactic Guardian, Neon Stardust, OverfloaterOverfloateralactic Guardian, Neon Stardust, Overfloater

Top 10 Best Horizon Skins in Apex Legends

Here, we’ll aim to highlight some of Respawn’s best-looking legendary Horizon skins thus far in Season 16. Though Horizon has limited legendary skins, she has some of the coolest-looking ones, and this top ten list will serve as a reference for players. In addition, this list will be ranked from worst to best.

10. Overfloater

Image Credit: EA

Overfloater is an octopus-inspired thematic skin released in Dark Depth Thematic Event in season 11. This skin has a pink and blue color combination with a pearlescent white accent throughout the skin. Moreover, the suction cups all over her body make her look more like a sea creature that rose from the ocean.

9. Neon Stardust

Neon Stardust
Image Credit: EA

Neon Stardust is a cyberpunk-themed skin for Horizon skin that was initially released in the Horizon Launch Bundle and made a comeback at the End of Year Sale in December 2021. The mohawk over her head and the unique outfit make it one of the badass skins in the game.

8. Galactic Guardian

Galactic Guardian
Image Credit: EA

At first look, the Galactic Guardian will remind players of the Gundam-like action figures. There is also a gun charm that looks the same with red, green, and purple colors. This skin was first released in Genesis Collection Event in season 9 and reappeared in Anniversary Collection Event in February 2022.

Other variants and alternatives:

  • Rising Storm

7. Biotic Luminary

Biotic Luminary
Image Credit: EA

Biotic Luminary was a part of the season 10 premium battle pass that could be unlocked at level 50. The skin has a bug theme, which makes her look very much like a power ranger supervillain. Nonetheless, it is a great skin for Horizon mains to scare off any enemies from the vicinity.

6. Jewel of Olympus

Jewel of Olympus
Image Credit: EA

Jewel of Olympus is by far the gorgeous-looking skin for Horizon, and it is the latest of the bunch. The skin was released recently in the Warriors Collection Event in season 12. The gold-plated outfit with white pants makes the skin look remarkably pristine.

5. Golden Boson

Golden Boson
Image Credit: EA

Golden Boson is a sophisticated skin of Horizon that gives a sophisticated goddess vibe to her. The skin has a primary gold color with a purple accent on her hands and legs. Golden Boson is a legendary default skin and can be crafted with 1200 metals from the legend skin section.

4. Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising
Image Credit: ea

Inspired by Scarlet Witch, the Phoenix Rising is one of the most popular skins in the game. Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, the look of the skin will make you fall in love anyway. Moreover, the fiery eyes and hairs add flashiness to the skin..

3. Biophysic

image credit: ea

Biophysic is one of the latest addition to Horizon’s Legendary collection, added in the Year 4 Anniversary Collection Event. The mixture of black and lime green skin color makes it one of the sleekest skins in the game. Moreover, it helps Horizon to be stealthy.

2. Brood Mother

Brood Mother
Image Credit: ea

Brood Mother was first released in the Awakening Collection Event in Season 13. As the theme of the Collection Event was based on titans and aliens, the Brood Mother also features the same look inspired by the Aliens movie.

1. Dark Matter

Dark Matter
Image Credit: EA

Dark Matter is probably the scariest skin for Horizon that is loved by most of the Horizon mains in the game, including none other than Aceu himself. The skin has a straightforward color combination of ash and grey with red highlights on the upper section of her body. Dark Matter is a default legendary item for Horizon, and it can be found in the Horizon legend skin section.

Other variants and alternatives:

  • Supermassive

Will past event-related Horizon skins ever return?

The event and recolor skins may ultimately make their way to the store, and skins like Jewel of Olympus, Galactic Guardian, and Supermassive may still be available. However, skins such as Biotic Luminary from the battle pass will not be available in the Apex Legends store.

However, Respawn has announced that battle pass skins from Season 11 and onwards may be available in an event-specific skin package in the future.

Upcoming Horizon Skins

As of writing, there has been no new development regarding any new Horizon skins in the game. We’ll definitely highlight more Horizon skins as soon as they get announced.

In the meantime, follow our Apex Legends Twitter page to get new skin-related updates instantly.

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