Battery Amps Stash Puzzle Solution: Alan Wake 2

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Are you lost while finding a solution for the Battery Amps stash puzzle in Alan Wake 2? Don’t worry as I have personally solved that and have the solution just for you!

Alan Wake 2, the highly anticipated sequel to 2010’s surreal survival horror game Alan Wake. There are lots of brainteaser puzzles in this psychological thriller to test your deductive skills. Among them, the Battery Amps Stash Puzzle uses algebra quite cleverly.

You gotta figure out how much amperage a battery has in order to open this stash. And to solve that, you need to tweak algebraic equations. While optional, solving this brain-teaser offers rewards that could aid your survival. But do you just want the answer?

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Battery Amps Stash Puzzle in Alan Wake 2

When you find the locked stash on a derelict dock, a note presents you with this puzzle:

“There are three batteries (B1, B2, B3) which have a combined charge of 1600 Amps. B2 has 128 Amps more than B3. B1 has two times as much charge as B3. How many Amps does B2 have?”

Battery Amps Stash Puzzle—Solution
Battery Amps Stash Puzzle—Solution

To solve this, first assign B3 as x to represent its unknown charge. Then make B1 = 2x, since it has twice B3’s charge. Also make B2 = x + 128, per the 128 Amp increase over B3.

Plugging this into the total charge equation yields: 2x + (x + 128) + x = 1600

Simplifying the left side gives: 2x + 2x = 1472 4x = 1472 x = 368

Finally, substitute 368 back into the B2 equation to get B2 = 368 + 128, making B2 = 496 Amps!

While solving algebraic word problems may seem daunting, starting by assigning variables makes translating the words into solvable equations possible. Inputting the code 4-9-6 (496 Amps) unlocks the container.

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