All Cauldron Lake Collectibles and Locations: Alan Wake 2

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Here are all the collectibles of Cauldron Lake and their locations in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 features several maps that you can explore. Throughout the story of the game, you will be on a journey through these maps as you keep on unraveling the mysteries of the world. Each of these maps has its distinct characteristics and stories related to it. The environment, surroundings, and all the elements make the maps in Alan Wake 2 a distinctive part of the game.

Cauldron Lake is the first map that you will encounter in the game. You will have to complete several tasks on these maps including. Some overlap ritual puzzles and find many other pieces to help Saga and Casey with their investigation. However, the Cauldron Lake also has many collectibles scattered around the map. Some of these are hidden in very hard-to-find spots. But don’t worry, we have got you covered with all Cauldron Lake Collectibles Locations in Alan Wake 2.

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All Cauldron Lake Collectibles Locations

Collectible NameLocation
Cauldron Lake MapCan be found on the noticeboard right after you reach Cauldron Lake for the first time.
Sawed-Off ShotgunCan be found inside the general store at Cauldron Lake. You must solve a puzzle to unlock a lock in order to obtain this weapon.
Alex Casey Lunchbox #1Collect this lunchbox from a ledge behind the FBC Station Radio Tower.
Alex Casey Lunchbox #2Get past the yellow tent in Witch’s Ladle and you can find a lunchbox beside the fence.
Alex Casey Lunchbox #3Along the Bonny-Legged path, behind the General Store, you can find a lunchbox in front of the fallen trees.
Alex Casey Lunchbox #4In the Witch’s Hut area, you can find a lunchbox on the right side of the fuses.
Alex Casey Lunchbox #5Around the corner of the Witchfinder’s Station Nursery Rhyme, you can find this lunchbox,
Alex Casey Lunchbox #6Travel alongside the stream beside Witch’s Hut towards the northern side until you come across a waterfall. Here, you will find a lunchbox.
Alex Casey Lunchbox #7At the end of Bony-Legged Path, you can find this lunchbox at the edge of the area.
Alex Casey Lunchbox #8After acquiring Bolt Cutters at the Rental Cabins, enter the first cabin and then go to the cabin on the left. Here, you will find another lunchbox.
Trailer House Cult StashOutside the Trailer House of Cauldron Lake, you can find a Cult Stash.
Cauldron Lake Shore Cult StashThis cult stash can only be found after the flood is gone. On the beach bay, you can find the Cult Stash with a lot of broken tree logs.
Streamside Cult StashOnce you reach the streamside area, you will find a lot of arrows pointing toward the Cult Stash.
Rock Rock Tree Cult Stash Below the river at Private Cabin area, you can find this Cult Stash.
Lake Cabins Cult StashOnce you have acquired the Bolt Cutters, enter the Rental Cabin area, and you will find this Cult Stash around the park.
Cauldron Lake Campside Nursery RhymeCross the bridge and head over to your left. Here, you can find the Nursery Rhyme on the benches.
Witchfinder Station Nursery RhymeOn the front yard of the house at Witchfinder’s Station, you can find this Nursery Rhyme.
Private Cabin Nursery RhymeGo past the fallen log in the Private Cabin area and the Nursery Rhyme can be found on your right side.
Rental Cabin Nursery RhymeOnce you have acquired the Bolt Cutter, get to the backside of the houses and go underneath the log to your left side. Enter the second door from here and exit through the front door. Head left and take the next door to find this Nursery Rhyme.
Witchfinder’s Cabin Nursery RhymeOnce you have completed all the Nursery Rhymes, enter the Witchfinder’s Station, and you can find the Nursery Rhyme downstairs.
Hammer CharmSolve the Cauldron Lake Campside Nursery Rhyme to obtain this charm.
Coffee Mug CharmSolve the Witchfinder Station Nursery Rhyme to obtain this charm. Head over to the second floor of the house to find this charm.
Kalevala Knights CharmSolve the Private Cabin Nursery Rhyme to obtain this charm. This can be found in the woods, inside a fallen bird house.
Coffee Mug CharmSolve the Rental Cabin Nursery Rhyme to obtain this charm. Enter the sixth cabin, defeat a newly spawned enemy, and collect the charm.

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