Poet’s Cinema Map Location: Alan Wake 2

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Get to know the location of the Poet’s Cinema map!

Alan Wake 2 has us all bewildered in trying to locate targets and reach goals. Remedy Entertainment has been adamant in making sure we get as much confusion as possible in clearing the Initiations. In the Initiation 8 chapter, named Zane’s Film, you will have to locate Poets Cinema, where you will have to meet the Cult Grandmaster. Entering the cinema, you will have to find its map to reach your objectives. However, all of this is easier said than done.

Finding the cinema itself can be a confusing task. After that, you will have to find a way to enter and then locate the map. But there is no need to get wary, as we can help you locate the map. You can get your hands on the map by following a few steps. So, without further ado, delve into our guide to locate the Poet’s Cinema map Location in Alan Wake 2.

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Poet’s Cinema map in Alan Wake 2

Poet's Cinema map Location: Alan Wake 2
Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

You will find Poets Cinema at the bottom right-most corner of your map by the car wash. Going by Main Road, you will find the construction site on your left. Take the street by the site and keep going until you find a right turn. Take the right turn and keep heading straight. As you reach the end, you will find a metal gate with Darkness Orbs. Destroy it and keep walking, and you will find the main entrance to Poets Cinema.

At the entrance, place your movie ticket at the booth, and then enter the lobby. After you enter the lobby, search for the refreshments counter. Behind the counter, you will find a room called “Stuff Only.” Enter the room and look to your right at the wall. You will see a noticeboard attached to the wall. You will find the map to the Poet’s Cinema there.

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