Riot Hotfix Nerfs Bard for Arena on LoL Patch 13.15

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

A hotfix patch has recently been released, containing nerfs for the champion Bard.

A couple of weeks ago, Riot released the much-anticipated Arena mode for League of Legends. It is a new mode that takes elements from League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics and creates a fun, action-packed game mode.

Since its release on July 19th, the game mode has garnered massive popularity. It has become so popular that Riot has eluded to the fact that it might become a permanent game mode. In addition, Riot has been doing regular balance changes for Arena too.

On Patch 13.15, Riot released some Arena exclusive balance changes, which contained nerfs to some of the strong champions such as Annie, Heimerdinger, and Kayle. They also buffed some of the underpowered champions.

One of these underpowered champions was Bard. Bard sits in a peculiar spot when it comes to Arena. His unique kit requires him to run around the map and acquire charms to power up his attacks. Since Arena is a fast-paced combat-focused game mode, it becomes very hard for Bard players to acquire a sufficient amount of chimes.

So, on Patch 13.15, Riot updated his chime mechanics specifically for Arena and increased his empowered attacks AP ratio. But it appears the buffs were a tad too much. So, not a day after the Patch was released, Riot deployed a hotfix nerf for Bard.

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Bard Hotfix Nerfs

  • (All Modes) BUGFIX: Bard W can now heal allies again.
  • (Arena) Reverting Passive buffs
  • Chimes per Upgrade: 2 >>> 5
  • AP Ratio: .6 >>> .3

On Patch 13.15, Riot buffed almost all of Bard’s abilities. Riot decreased the required amount of chimes to upgrade his Passive – Traveler’s Call from 5 to 2 and increased its AP ratio to 60%. They also buffed his W – Caretaker’s Shrine’s charge time, healing, and haste while also giving his E – Magical Journey a flat 70 ability haste.

In addition, they fixed a major bug that prevented Bard from healing with his W-Caretaker’s Shrine.

These buffs skyrocketed Bard’s viability and made him one of the best champions in the Arena mode. According to, Bard went from 157th ranked champion in Arena to 1st. It appears Riot went a tad too overboard with the buffs.

So, not a day later, Riot introduced a hotfix nerf for Bard, which reverted his Passive-Traveler’s Call buffs.

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