Ashen Knight Mordekaiser Allegedly Leaked

The last mythic skin of the Ashen Knight skin line is rumored to be Ashen Knight Mordekaiser.

In season 12, Riot released many skins in League of Legends. Like Anima Squad skins, Fright Night, Star Guardian 2022, Spirit Blossom 2022, etc. But one of the unique skin lines was the Ashen Knight skin line.

In preseason 2022, Riot Games announced they would rework the Mythic content. Alongside the Mythic content rework, Riot would also retire the Hextech skin line for a seasonal thematic for Mythic skins. Even though the rework was released late than expected, Riot did release the new seasonal thematic skin line, and the mythic skin line for season 12 is called Ashen Knight.

Riot Games debuted the Ashen Knight skin line with the release of Ashen Knight Pyke. And it was the best skin for Pyke. Some people would go even far as to say that the Ashen Knight Pyke skin is one of the best skin League of Legends has to offer. It had a Dark Souls theme.

Moreover, Riot released the skin around the time of the release of Elden Ring, a game created by the developers of Dark Souls. As Elden Ring was a huge success, it automatically multiplied the hype for Ashen Knight Pyke.

Because of the popularity of Ashen Knight Pyke, a couple of months later, Riot released the next Ashen Knight skin, Ashen Knight Pantheon. Even though fans were excited about a new Ashen Knight skin, when the skin was shown in the PBE, many people were disappointed at the skin. Later, Riot released another Ashen Knight skin, this time for Sylas, called Ashen Slayer Sylas.

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Ashen Knight Mordekaiser

As the end of season 12 is on the horizon, Riot Games will be releasing a mythic Ashen Knight skin one last time. A prominent League of Legends leaker, BigBadBear, revealed that Mordekaiser would receive the last mythic Ashen Slayer skin. Moreover, he added that it’s an old leak, but it’s unlikely that Riot Games would change the candidate.

Furthermore, according to BigBadBea, the Ashen Knight skin line wouldn’t be seasonal mythic anymore. Instead, it would be a regular skin line with legendary and epic skins, returning in 2023 or 2024.

Release Date

Ashen Knight Mordekaiser will hit live servers in patch 12.23, scheduled to release on Dec 7, 2022.

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