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Where do all the choices lead to in As Dusk Falls? Learn here to explore all the options and consequences in the game

All Choices In As Dusk FallsChapter 1: Desert Dream CrossroadsGo With Jim Or Stay With MichelleFollow OrdersEnter The CodeFight Off The Sheriff Or Run To The DoorPoint The Gun Or Drop ItCalm The Dog Or DaleAsk Joyce To Back Off Or Try To Quiet Zeus AgainJust My Dad Or My Family Or Try To Tell A JokeLeave Evidence Or Hide ThemBeg Or Attack Tyler Or Grab Tyler’s GunShoot Tyler Or SurrenderChapter 2: Economics 101 CrossroadsRun For It or Stay HiddenOkay, I’m Sorry or No, There’s More To ThisSend Michelle, Send Zoe or Send JimDemand Pizza or Show RespectWarn Dale or Don’tChapter 3: Small Seconds CrossroadsDon’t Warn Her or Warn About PagerKeep Watch or Give WatchSue the Airline or Take the MoneyNo way, Jim or Okay, DadObey, Refuse, PleadLeave Him or Cut Him DownLower It or Keep It RaisedChapter 4: Shima CrossroadsUnlock the Door or She’s Safer HereAct Scary, Talk Calmly, Run, Throw CandySneak Out or Say GoodbyeHide In The Closet or Hide Under BedKeep Cabin Secret or Reveal CabinStomp Fingers or Save TylerChapter 5: Paradise Found CrossroadWarn Dante or Don’t WarnHelp Sharon or Help DanteTake Pill or RefuseHit Him or Leave ThemLeave Him or Bottle HimDon’t Risk It or Come CleanI Want You Here or It’s Best If You GoMake The Promise or Let Her LeaveChapter 6: Cascade CrossroadPeel Out or Wait For CopSurrender or RunJump Without Her or Jump TogetherYour Family Ruined My Life, or I Don’t Hate YouTurn Him In or Forgive HimNo, You’re Not or Who isn’tNo More Trauma, Witness it or Why me

As Dusk Falls tells a thrilling story full of emotions and high stakes. Throughout the game, you have to make tough decisions that sometimes result in unpredictable outcomes. In As Dusk Falls, choices are called crossroads; each path you take leads to different scenarios and endings.

Worry no more if you’re confused about which crossroad gives the best results or are looking for a second playthrough for different results. Follow our guide to learn about all the decisions and consequences in As Dusk Falls. Prepare yourself ahead to make the best choices in As Dusk Falls.

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All Choices In As Dusk Falls

Chapter 1: Desert Dream Crossroads

As Dusk Falls choices Chapter 1: Desert Dream Crossroads

Go With Jim Or Stay With Michelle

When Vince starts to give Michelle a massage at the motel, Jim asks you to come with him for a talk. Here, you can choose to go with Jim or stay with Michelle.

  • Go with Jim: Jim thanks you for bringing him along on this road trip and reveals more about his past. He reveals that he has a brain tumor and hasn’t contacted Vince for around 30 years, describing their troubled relationship. Furthermore, he seeks forgiveness and wants to live together again.
  • Stay with Michelle: You choose to stay with Michelle and help her with her sore shoulders. Both options reveal to you Jim’s past and his relationship with Vince. However, he’s hurt because you did not go with him for a walk.

Follow Orders

After a while, the motel is raided by armed robbers and asks everyone to get down.

  • Do it: Vince gets down on the ground, and a flashback starts that takes you back 30 minutes.
  • Refuse: Vince is punched by the robbers, and you’re taken to a flashback, 30 minutes back.

Enter The Code

Jay finds a safe in the flashback, but he loses the codes to unlock it.

  • No Code: Jay is caught, and Dale is on his knees. The Sheriff calls for backup.
  • Enter Code (5926): Jay opens the safe and finds a large sum of money.

Fight Off The Sheriff Or Run To The Door

You play as Tyler is given a choice to fight the Sheriff or make a run for it.

  • Fight off the Sheriff: Jay knocks the Sheriff out with a candlestick and tries to escape.
  • Run to the door: Jay shoots the Sheriff with a shotgun, taking him down.

Point The Gun Or Drop It

Taking the gun, you now have a choice to point the gun at the robbers, Tyler and Dale, or drop it.

  • Point it: Jay enters the motel while distracting Joyce. He hits Joyce to disarm her; at the same time, Tyler does the same to Vince. You manage to win against the robbers.
  • Drop it: Jay enters the motel while distracting Joyce. But Tyler hits her and takes her down. Moreover, Tyler also pushes Vince to lie on the ground.

Calm The Dog Or Dale

Jim’s Dog, Zeus, becomes agitated and barks violently. Dale gets annoyed, and now you have a choice to either calm Zeus or calm Dale.

  • Calm dog: You fail to calm Zeus down, and Dale gets angrier and threatens to shoot you while getting provoked by Joyce to do so.
  • Calm Dale: You try to calm Dale, but Joyce makes him more agitated and starts to point the gun at her.

Ask Joyce To Back Off Or Try To Quiet Zeus Again

Dale is on his final straw, and it seems things can go for the worst.

Ask Joyce to back off: You try to stop Joyce by reminding her about her son.

Quiet Zeus: You manage to quiet Zeus down. Furthermore, Vince tapes Joyce’s mouth to stop her from riling Dale up.

Just My Dad Or My Family Or Try To Tell A Joke

Tyler asks who else is with you.

  • Just my dad: You say only your dad is here. Vince gets support from everyone for saying this.
  • My family: Tyler tells Dale to search for all the family members and tells Vince that he doesn’t like you for exposing your family.
  • The Circus: Vince makes a choice that doesn’t help the situation and instead makes Tyler angrier.

Leave Evidence Or Hide Them

Vince finds Joyce’s locket on the ground, and you can use it to make sure cops find it as evidence. You can also hide it.

  • Hide evidence: Vince hides the locket under the table. The police don’t find the locket.
  • Leave evidence: The policeman finds the locket and understands what is happening. He whispers to Vince that he’s going to call for backup.

Beg Or Attack Tyler Or Grab Tyler’s Gun

Tyler takes Michelle hostage to ensure his safety from the police. He tells Vince to make sure no cops pursue him, or they will kill Michelle.

  • Beg: Vince begs to take him hostage, instead of Michelle but to no avail.
  • Grab Tyler’s gun: Vince grabs Tyler’s gun if you complete the QTE and turns the tides. Tyler compliments you for your unexpected bravery.
  • Attack Tyler: You get the gun here too, but Vince first attacks Tyler and like before, you have to complete a QTE.

Shoot Tyler Or Surrender

Playing as Vince, you now have the option to shoot down Tyler with the shotgun or surrender.

  • Shoot Tyler: Vince is shown pulling the trigger as the screen turns black.
  • Surrender: Tyler takes the gun back and points it to you (Vince) again. He shoots, but the shotgun is empty. Luck saves Vince.

Chapter 2: Economics 101 Crossroads

As Dusk Falls choices Chapter 2: Economics 101 Crossroads

Vince and his family are taken hostage by Holt’s. Vince is caught trying to contact the police and is locked in the back room. He and Michelle are duct-taped together and try to contact Sheriff Dante with a phone, for which you have to complete a QTE.

Run For It or Stay Hidden

  • Run for it: Vince and the others try to escape from the motel, but the robber’s gun hits Michelle.
  • Stay hidden: They stay hidden, and a cop falls from the shootout. Jim tries to run on his own but gets knocked out. A flashback starts that reveals Michelle’s extramarital affair with someone named Bruce. Moreover, when asked about it, Michelle brushes it off by saying she was busy with work.

Okay, I’m Sorry or No, There’s More To This

This crossroads starts after you ask Michelle about the potential affair with Bruce when trying to take out the bullet from her.

  • Okay, I’m sorry: Vince apologizes for his suspicion.
  • No, there’s more to this: Vince pushes her more on this topic, and eventually, Michelle gives in and confesses her cheating. Subsequently, she asks for forgiveness, and you can either choose to forgive her or not. This choice affects your marriage in the future.

Send Michelle, Send Zoe or Send Jim

You can choose to send Michelle or Jim as part of the exchange agreement with the Sheriff.

  • Send Michelle: You can choose to send Michelle due to her bad injuries. Sending Michelle will prompt the crossroads where she asks for forgiveness.
  • Send Zoe: You can choose Zoe as she has been deeply traumatized.
  • Send Jim: Jim reveals to you that he lied about the tumor, and you can also choose to forgive him or not.

Demand Pizza or Show Respect

Joyce and Paul ask for pizzas from Dale.

  • Demand Pizza: Dale gets mad and tells both of them to stop making a ruckus.
  • Show Respect: Dale lets you have pizza, and you can run through their stuff and take useful items.

Warn Dale or Don’t

As Dale takes Vince out of the motel, Dante confronts Dale and tells him to return the book, which Dale says he doesn’t know anything about. Vince notices a sniper at the water tower.

  • Warn Dale: Vince pushes Dale out of the sniper’s way as soon as the bullet is fired through a QTE, saving him luckily. Additionally, he warns Dale about the sniper. The two run back to the motel. This affects your relationship with Dale.
  • Don’t warn Dale: The sniper shoots Dale in the head and therefore dies.

Chapter 3: Small Seconds Crossroads

As Dusk Falls choices Chapter 3: Small Seconds Crossroads

Don’t Warn Her or Warn About Pager

Vince tries to find Dante’s book. Sharon makes a deal with Vince to help each other and their family.

  • Don’t warn her: Vince doesn’t tell Sharon about the pager that Dante gave to him.
  • Warn her: Vince tells Sharon about the pager he’ll use to communicate with Dante to find the book. This affects your relationship with Dante.

Keep Watch or Give Watch

  • A flashback shows a man explaining to Jay that he came to collect his father’s gambling debt and asks for the watch as a form of payment and time extension.
  • Give Watch: Bear (Jay’s father) suddenly arrives to attack the man, and a stranger takes the watch instead. Bear later kills The Stranger and asks you to help hide the body.
  • Keep Watch: You keep the watch to yourself, but the man becomes enraged, and Bear comes to the rescue.

Sue the Airline or Take the Money

Vince talks about how Michelle supported and encouraged him after his accident and gag order from the airline company. You get a choice between suing the airline or taking the money.

  • Sue the airline: Vince decides to sue the airline. Michelle compliments him for his bravery and asks about the future of their marriage. Taking this choice allows Vince to open up a flight school in the future.
  • Take the money: Vince takes the money in return for signing the gag order.

No way, Jim or Okay, Dad

Vince is in doubt about whether he should trust his father or not.

  • No way, Jim: Vince does not trust his father, Jim.
  • Okay, Dad: Vince gives Jim another chance.

Obey, Refuse, Plead

Another flashback starts where Bear wants Jay to help him bury The Stranger’s body. However, they don’t know that he’s still alive.

  • Obey: Jay buries The Stranger alive.
  • Refuse: The two get into a fight as Vince refuses to bury The Stranger. The Stranger uses this opening to make his escape, affecting The Stranger’s and Jay’s relationship.
  • Plead: Jay pleads not to bury The Stranger and asks his father to reconsider.

Leave Him or Cut Him Down

Bear goes to hang himself in a barn after the burying scene.

  • Leave him: Jay leaves the barn, his father hanging from the rope.
  • Cut him down: Jay cuts the rope, saving his father. Although Bear is still injured. This affects Jay and Bear’s relationship.

Lower It or Keep It Raised

Vince gets attacked by Tyler or Dante, depending on your choices. If Sharon knows about the book, Dante will attack; if she doesn’t, then Tyler will. Moreover, Vince will point a gun toward Sharon to make them leave Zoe alone. Likewise, Jay will point his gun at Vince in the chapter’s final intense showdown.

  • Lower it: Vince will lower his gun and persuade Sharon to leave Zoe.
  • Keep it raised: Vince will press on multiple times to stop Sharon from taking Zoe hostage. If you have saved Bear from hanging himself in the barn, Jay will shoot Vince non-lethally. Or else Sharon lets Zoe go.

Chapter 4: Shima Crossroads

As Dusk Falls choices Chapter 4: Shima Crossroads

Unlock the Door or She’s Safer Here

  • Unlock the door: You let Zoe escape from the car. Choosing this will ensure her safety as the car crashes later on.
  • She’s safer here: Zoe remains in the car, but later on, both of you get into a car crash later on.

Act Scary, Talk Calmly, Run, Throw Candy

As Ash walks alone in the forest at night, he becomes hungry, and at the same time, a wild boar approaches Ash.

  • Throw Candy: Throw the candy to distract the wild boar and escape if you saved the candy earlier or you have to run.
  • Act Scary: You try to scare the boar.
  • Talk Calmly: You try to calm down the boar, but it rams into you, and you make a run for it.

Sneak Out or Say Goodbye

Jay is at Vanessa’s house. When her dad comes home, you can sneak out or give Vannessa a proper goodbye before leaving.

  • Say goodbye: Jay says goodbye to Vanessa, and she asks whether Jay wants to study together again.
  • Sneak out: Jay tries to sneak out of the house to hide from Vanessa’s father.

Hide In The Closet or Hide Under Bed

During a flashback, Ash hears Bear returning to the cabin; you can make Ash hide in the closet or under the bed.

  • Hide in the closet: If you hide in the closet, Bear finds you. You have to make smart decisions to escape.
  • Hide under the bed: Bear does not find you.

Keep Cabin Secret or Reveal Cabin

Sheriff Dante finds Ash and asks some questions.

  • Keep Cabin Secret: You don’t disclose about the cabin and Bear to Sheriff Dante, who takes you back to your mom safely.
  • Reveal Cabin: You tell Dante everything about the cabin.

Stomp Fingers or Save Tyler

Tyler chases Jay into the woods, and both of them climb up a tree. Here you have to complete some QTEs to climb the tree successfully. Jay gets to the top while Tyler is about to fall and asks for your help.

  • Stomp Fingers: You stomp Tyler’s fingers, and he falls down and gets injured; meanwhile, you walk away from him, ignoring his plea.
  • Save Tyler: You save Tyler and pull him up. Tyler then asks about your plans and where you’re going.

Chapter 5: Paradise Found Crossroad

As Dusk Falls choices Chapter 5: Paradise Found Crossroad

Jay heads north alone, and he hitches a ride with a truck driver to Utah. The story now switches to Sharon, and she sneaks up on Dante with a pair of scissors. Playing as Paul, you have the choice of warning Dante or don’t warn him.

Warn Dante or Don’t Warn

  • Warn Dante: Sharon fails to stab Dante, but the two get into a struggle, and Sharon disarms Dante.
  • Don’t Warn Dante: Dante tells you to give him and the gun to make Sharon surrender.

Help Sharon or Help Dante

As the two fight, you’re now faced with the decision of either helping Sharon or Dante.

  • Help Sharon: Paul hits Dante with a coffee jar, and the two run. If you choose this, the pair lives a happy, luxurious life in the ending.
  • Help Dante: You give the gun to Dante, and Sharon is arrested.

Take Pill or Refuse

The story now switches to Jay and Vannesa. The two go to Todd’s party, where they are offered ecstasy. Vanessa takes one while Jay faces a crossroads.

  • Take pill: Jay takes the pill and faces the effects of the pill soon.
  • Refuse: Jay refuses the pill.

Hit Him or Leave Them

Jay notices Vanessa going into a room with Todd, and Todd seemingly tries to take advantage of Vanessa’s drugged state.

  • Hit him: Jay punches Todd in the face, and the two start to fight. Here you need to complete QTEs. Vanessa gets mad at you.
  • Leave them: Jay leaves the two alone and waits outside for Vanessa.

Leave Him or Bottle Him

If you choose to hit Todd, you get this pair of choices as you fight him and pick up a bottle.

  • Leave him: Jay drops the bottle and leaves. Todd keeps on taunting him.
  • Bottle him: You hit Todd with a bottle, and he becomes unconscious.

Don’t Risk It or Come Clean

Jay and Vanessa drive away, and she asks Jay whether he told the truth about him running away from his house.

  • Don’t risk it: Jay does not disclose and tries to shrug it off.
  • Come clean: Jay tells everything about his past.

I Want You Here or It’s Best If You Go

Vanessa talks to you about her wishes and that she wants to go to Canada with you, but changes her mind saying she doesn’t know who Jay really is and wants to head home alone.

  • I want you here: Jay will say that he wants Vanessa here with him, and she asks him to give her a reason to stay. Jay says that he was surprised when Vanessa came to the motel.
  • It’s best if you go: Jay tells Vanessa that it will be best if she returns home. If you choose this, Jay will be alone in the final chapter.

Make The Promise or Let Her Leave

Vanessa tells Jay to make a promise, which is never to hurt anyone again.

  • Make the promise: Jay promises he won’t be violent and hit anyone again. Vanessa is happy with this and chooses to stay with him and go to Canada.
  • Let her leave: Jay lets Vanessa go, and he is now alone.

Chapter 6: Cascade Crossroad

As Dusk Falls choices Chapter 6: Cascade Crossroad

This is the final chapter of As Dusk Falls. The story continues with Jay making his way to Canada, driving a car with a fake number plate. Depending on your choices towards the end of chapter 5, Vanessa will be with you, or you are alone. This chapter also switches to Zoe’s story.

Peel Out or Wait For Cop

As Jay (along with Vanessa depending on if she stayed or left) drives, they are stopped b a cop who asks for his license. Since Jay does not have it, the cop runs the plate on the database.

  • Peel out: Jay escape as the cop is busy running the database.
  • Wait for cop: The server is down, and the police let Jay go off. Although the cops still notify the FBI.

Surrender or Run

The game switches to Zoe’s story for a while, where she sees Jay’s letters, and again returns to Jay’s story, where he climbs a hill and is caught by a ranger who recognizes Jay from the motel incident.

  • Surrender: Jay surrenders and admits he is the kid from the motel incident in Arizona, but he was innocent. The Ranger lets him go.
  • Run: Jay makes a run for it and escapes.

Jump Without Her or Jump Together

This crossroads occurs if Vanessa comes with you. As you two are deciding on jumping to cross the border, Vanessa’s father comes to persuade her to go home.

  • Jump without her: Jay tells Vanessa to go back with her dad and that it’s best for her. He jumps alone and reaches Canada. Vanessa goes to juvenile and becomes a lawyer in the future.
  • Jump together: Jay and Vanessa jump and reaches Canada together. They live happily for a couple of years, but Vanessa returns to the USA, leaving Jay alone.

Your Family Ruined My Life, or I Don’t Hate You

Forward a few years; an older Zoe visits Jay in Canada. Here you get to know about the fate of the rest of the characters, and the two finally get some closure.

  • Your Family Ruined My Life: Zoe is angry at Jay for ruining her family and life. Jay apologizes and offers to get arrested.
  • I Don’t Hate You: Zoe says she isn’t angry and forgives Jay.

If you pick the first option, you can choose between calling 911 and forgiving him.

Turn Him In or Forgive Him

  • Turn him in: Zoe calls 911, and Jay is arrested
  • Forgive him: Zoe forgives Jay and tells him to stop sending letters. They hug it out.

If you pick the second option, you get different options, where both try to forget the past.

No, You’re Not or Who isn’t

  • No, You’re Not: Zoe tells Jay that he’s not a bad person because he helped her when they were both children. Jay becomes happy with this answer and offers her dinner.
  • Who isn’t: Zoe asks Jay who isn’t happy or broken and leaves. Jay too soon moves out.

No More Trauma, Witness it or Why me

If Jay gets arrested, Zoe visits him in prison for a final scene and crossroad choices in As Dusk Falls. Jay tells Zoe he is set for execution and no one is there for him.

  • No More Trauma: Zoe tells Jay he needs a friend, but Zoe is not one and leaves.
  • Witness it: Zoe tells Jay that she’ll sit somewhere close to Jay where he can see Zoe.
  • Why me: Zoe asks Jay, ‘Why her?” when asked about attending his execution. Jay replies that because there is none left.

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