As Dusk Falls: All Values in the Game

Wondering if you’ve missed any of the values in As Dusk Falls? Then, keep on reading to learn about all the values offered in the game and how your decisions influence them.

INTERIOR/NIGHT has brought us a brand new crime-thriller decision interactive game that challenges your moral compass. All decisions you take in the game are centered around eight core values that determine your ethics and principles. What’s even more fascinating about As Dusk Falls is that you can play co-op with your friends and test their moral values against your own.

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Players receive these “values” at the end of each chapter, which reflects all the decisions you’ve taken during the course of the chapter. For example, standing up for yourself multiple times throughout the chapter will grant you the Honor value. Depending on how often you change your decision-making style, you can earn different Values. In this guide, we will go over what each of these values represents.

All Values in As Dusk Falls

As stated earlier, there are a total of 8 core values you can earn in As Dusk Falls. Here is what each of these values represents:

  • Family – determines how often you stick by your family when playing as either Zoe, Vince, or Jay. Since the chapters shift focus between the Holts and Walkers, you have to be there for each of the character’s respective families to earn the Family value.
  • Honesty – determines how honest and compliant you are around authorities and those around you. You have to pick all the honest dialogue options to earn this value.
  • Honor – determines how often you choose to stand up for yourself and protect your reputation. In order to get this value, you must pick all the dialogue options that preserve your honor and showcase your authority.
  • Love – determines how often you choose to be selfless and make decisions for the betterment of those around you. To get this value, you must choose to protect your loved ones whenever the situation arises.
  • Peace – determines whether you seek sanctuary from your troubled past and your family.
  • Freedom – determines whether you choose to go down the lone wolf path where you break free from both your past and the toxic influence of your family.
  • Justice – determines how righteous you are. To get the Justice value, you must hold those who do you wrong or commit crimes accountable for their actions. Moreover, you’ll also have to choose not to tell lies or give false information when given the option.
  • Safety – determines how often you take action to protect yourself and others. You must prioritize your safety or those closest to you to get this value.

As Dusk Falls is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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