As Dusk Falls: How To Play Multiplayer

Play As Dusk Falls with its neat multiplayer feature to bring a more thrilling experience.

As Dusk Falls is a crime drama set in the late 90s. It follows the footsteps of decision-making and narrative-based games like Until Dawn or Beyond Two Souls, where you have to make tough decisions. Although As Dusk Falls is entirely played through cutscenes albeit, the cutscenes look pretty like paintings.

Furthermore, As Dusk Falls also differs from most games of this genre by introducing a multiplayer mode. In this mode, other people can participate in choosing decisions from crossroad segments. With multiple players, this works like a voting mechanic. So nobody will know what path will be taken, and it all depends on the maximum vote.

This guide will outline how the multiplayer mode in As Dusk Falls works and how to play it.

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As Dusk Falls: Multiplayer Mode

A total of eight players can play together in a lobby, both online or locally. Here players can:

  • Vote to choose decisions, actions, and interactions within a timer. The choice with the most vote wins. On the other hand, if no one casts a vote, the game chooses a random option.
  • Each player gets a special privilege called Override for a limited amount. Consider it a special power you can use for a limited time to ensure every poll tips in your favor.
  • All the players will participate in various quick-time events through their phone screens. Outcomes of scenario change according to whether every member was successful in their QTEs. Additionally, there will be times when specific QTEs occur for specific players.
  • Settings like the number of Overrides, type of QTE, and time limit for QTEs can all be modified in the game’s accessibility settings. You can make the game more straightforward or more challenging by changing these options to your liking.

Connecting Online

Create a lobby by selecting the “Play With Friends” option. From here, you can let other players join in your lobby via multiple methods. The game also supports cross-platform, but each player needs to connect via an Xbox account.

As Dusk Falls Multiplayer

Local Co-op

  • Use other controllers to sign in to different profiles, then join in on one of the empty slots to play on the same screen.
  • You can also use your smartphones to play in the lobby. For this, you need to download the As Dusk Falls companion app for Android and iOS.
    • You can cast your votes and make choices through the app. However, players using the app must connect on the same network as the game’s device. Learn more about how the app works here.

Online Co-op

  • To play online, select the Go Online option. Your game then connects to Xbox Live.
  • Invite friends through the Xbox network. They need to have an Xbox Live account, whether on Xbox or PC.
  • If they accept your invitation, then their profiles will be displayed in one of the empty slots.

Modify game settings to your liking and start the game. You can add and remove players via the “Manage Players” options on the pause screen. Adding new players takes you to the waiting lobby and starts from the last checkpoint. So make sure your progress is saved before adding someone mid-game.

Broadcast Mode

As Dusk Falls Multiplayer

This mode is made for streamers, especially Twitch streamers. This mode lets you connect your Twitch channel and chat to the game. Hence, allowing your audience to cast a vote from their screens while you play, although they cannot perform any QTEs.

To play with Broadcast Mode, enable the mode and connect your Twitch channel by adding your channel’s name. After the game links with your stream, start playing as usual. The choices will appear on the viewer’s chat box during crossroad events. They can cast a vote by replying with “#” along with the specified choice number.

These are all the ways to play multiplayer in As Dusk Falls. Playing any game with friends is better than playing it alone. So don’t wait up on trying out As Dusk Falls with friends and family.

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