As Dusk Falls: Safe Code Combination and Consequences

Here is everything you need to know about opening the safe in chapter 1 of As Dusk Falls.

As Dusk Falls is a brand new decision interactive drama from INTERIOR/NIGHT, which happens to be a videogame development company founded by the lead game designer of Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. The crime thriller takes place in 90s Arizona and spans over the course of 30 years.

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The fate of the Holt and Walker families lies in your hands as you have to make critical choices throughout the game. With that said, one of the very first decisions you’ll encounter in the first chapter involves unlocking a safe when breaking into Dante Romero’s house. This guide will tell you the safe code combination and go over the possible consequences of opening this safe.

Safe Location

As you take control of a young Jay Holt, you are tasked with finding a particular safe containing Dante’s money. As you look around the house with Dale, there will be a few obvious places for you to look for the safe. For example, behind the big painting over the fireplace. However, these will all be false leads, so simply head upstairs.

If you enter the first room to your right, you’ll run into a wheelchair-bound Becky. If you manage to persuade her not to call for help, she will advise you to check Dante’s office. After leaving Becky’s room, head towards the door to your left and enter the home office. From there, select “Search the Bookcase.” After finding a copy of Birds of Arizona, the prompt for searching the bookcase will appear again. Upon interacting with it, the books on the lower shelf will fall and reveal the hidden safe.

Safe Location

Safe Code Combination

Tyler hands you a little note with the combination of the safe at the beginning of the chapter. However, Jay realizes that he has lost the note when trying to open the safe. No need to worry if you don’t remember what the code was. You’ll get 30 seconds to put in the right combination, so go ahead and use the code “5926” to open the safe. Once it’s open, you can collect all the stacks of cash with Dale’s help.

Safe Code Combination

All Safe Code Choices and Consequences

You can choose how to open the safe or if you can open it at all. However, none of the choices regarding breaking into the safe directly impact the endgame results.

Smooth Criminal – Perfect Burglary

To get a perfect burglary and achieve the Smooth Criminal achievement, you need to Yank the help button when you enter Becky’s room. Moreover, you also need to pass all the QTEs in this encounter. Then, when you enter Dante’s office, unlock the safe within the 30-second mark using the right code. Then, execute all the QTEs perfectly when leaving the house. Doing so correctly will allow you to safely make it out of the house and avoid a confrontation with Dante.

Bungled – Botched Burglary

There are different variations to this story route, but they all result in a failed burglary. If you fail to prevent Becky from pressing the help button, Dante will shortly arrive at the scene. How the confrontation goes down depends on whether or not you were able to open the safe successfully.

If you cannot figure out the combination of the safe in time, Dante will find Jay and Dale in his office, giving you three options. While Dante catches Dale, you can either run for the door, attack Dante or escape through the window.

You will get a similar variation of this route even if you manage to stop Becky from calling for help but forget the code. In that case, you can pry open the safe with a crowbar. However, you will only get two chances to execute this properly. Dante will then come and catch Jay and Dale in the act, ensuing in a fight.

If you fail to stop Becky from calling for help but can open the safe quick enough, you will run into Dante on your way back and have the option to hit him with a Candlestick. Failing the QTE here will lead to Dale shooting Dante and bolting with Jay.

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