Will There Be ARAM Clash Again In League of Legends 2023?

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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ARAM Clash was a massive success, and it seems Riot wants to bring it back.

ARAM has had quite the revolution in League of Legends at the end of 2022. The ARAM rework changed the landscape of the game mode with some uniqueness of it. Since then, there have been many changes for just ARAM in an attempt to make the game mode more fun and balanced. However, one may say that ARAM will never truly be balanced due to its randomness in terms of team compositions.

There have been many changes since the ARAM Rework 2022. Since then, there was a nerf of Heartsteel in ARAM, hotfixes, and changes in Patch 13.4. Also, there will be a QoL update for getting mastery tokens in the ARAM game mode.

There was also a special ARAM clash event in 2022. It was wildly successful, and fans had very positive reviews of the tournament. In a new video, Riot Meddler and Riot Brightmoon mentioned that Clash is coming in March, with ARAM clash returning at some point this year.

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ARAM Clash in 2023

As mentioned in the new Riot video, ARAM clash will return to League of Legends at some point this year. Based on what Riot Meddler and Brightmoon said in the video, ARAM clash will return this year. However, the exact date was not given.

So, it will be a bit of a wait for the diehard ARAM players to experience the special clash tournament. There will be an update later when Riot provides more information about the topic.

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