ARAM Receives Massive Changes on LoL Patch 13.4

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot has revealed some massive changes to ARAM in the upcoming patch 13.4.

League of Legends has two permanent game modes with their own unique map. These game modes are Summoner’s Rift and ARAM.

ARAM, or All Random All Mid, is a game mode played in Howling Abyss. This map has only one lane, and each player gets one random champion from their collection. The players must destroy the enemies’ nexus to earn the victory, similar to Summoner’s Rift. But since there are no extra objectives and one lane, players only get to fight each other and only focus on getting kills and destroying the turret and nexus. ARAM is extremely fast-paced compared to Summoner’s Rift.

This preseason 2023, Riot has introduced a slew of changes to ARAM. Besides the usual champion and item adjustments, Riot has introduced Hextech gates to ARAM, which teleports you to your furthest turret. Overall, Riot has tried making ARAM more accessible and fun for everyone. And they are not stopping just yet.

In the recent PBE, alongside teasing the upcoming champion Milio, Riot is also adjusting ARAM’s respawn timer to make the matches much faster.

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ARAM Changes Patch 13.4

  • Death timers reduced from 12 – 42 seconds to 10 – 40

At first, the change might look small, but it is a massive change. Thanks to the graph Spideraxe provided on his Twitter, we can see some exact reasons.

Since you start in ARAM at level 3, your respawn time used to be 12 seconds, but now it is 10. This is the least important change. However, at level 4, it starts to get interesting. Before, in level 4, the player’s respawn time used to be 17 seconds, and now it’s 12 seconds, which is a huge 5 seconds difference. It continues similarly till level 10, where it becomes a 3 seconds differential (from 27 seconds to 24 seconds).

With this change, ARAM’s early game will be more chaotic. For people whose main game mode is ARAM, they will surely love this update. However, many people play ARAM for its fast-paced nature and as a way to pass some time while waiting for their friends to finish their SR matches. For them, it might be a controversial change as it could make ARAM a little longer, as players will respawn faster than before.

Release Date

The ARAM changes will deploy in patch 13.4, scheduled to release on Thursday, Feb 23, 2023.

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