League of Legends ARAM Clash 2022: Schedule, Rewards, and More

Clash is coming to ARAM in 2022, as this is an interesting addition to League of Legends.

ARAM is getting a bunch of shiny changes in League of Legends 2022. This all started with the surrender changes coming to ARAM. This has improved player experience by stopping players from playing games they do not want to.

We are also getting many changes in Patch 12.22 and 12.23 as the ARAM map is being reworked and roster-wide changes. There is also Quality of Life Changes to improve player experience. Riot hopes this is the direction they want to take the game to improve it for players in the future.

Thus, to give players more to do with ARAM games, Clash is coming into the game mode. Here are all the details of the clash, including rewards and such.

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ARAM Clash 2022

The ARAM Clash 2022 is coming out soon, as it will be the last Clash tournament of the year. As Howling Abyss gets its first Clash tournament, it is a joyous moment for players. Here are the details of the Clash.

  • The Clash will be free to enter for all players.
  • It will feature an 8-team bracket where each team will play 3 games.
  • Each player will receive two rerolls per game.

ARAM Clash Schedule

Registration for the Clash Tournament will begin on December 5th, 2022. The tournament days will be on:

  • Day 1: December 10th, 2022
  • Day 2: December 11th, 2022


Participants of the ARAM Clash will receive a limited-time, exclusive ARAM Clash icon.

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