Apex Legends New Character Fuse: Everything You Need to Know About His Abilities, Origin, & More

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends’ new stories from the Outlands trailer called ‘Good as Gold’ just aired, and it finally gave players a look into the new character.

This time, data miners are certain it is Fuse. Rumors and leaks previously gave a strong indication regarding who could be the next legend in the game in the upcoming season 8. Following the ‘Fight Night’ event update, data miners dug deep into the files and determined that the next character might be Fuse.

Fuse abilities were also leaked alongside the ‘Fight Night event update.’ However, as there was still no official confirmation from Respawn, there were still doubts among many fans. Following the ‘Stories from the Outlands’ trailer reveal, it is highly likely that ‘Fuse’ might just be the next legend in season 8.

Note: This article was made before Season 8 and is currently outdated. If you want to learn everything about Fuse, we recommend you go to this link.

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Fuse the next legend in season 8

YouTube video

The story trailer gave players a glimpse into this bearded dude’s past. And it ended with him losing an arm. The trailer also mentioned him joining the Apex games, which further confirms all the rumors.

Earlier, Respawn revealed a tweet where they teased this ambassador of doom. Right then and there, data miners became more confident that it was indeed Fuse as the poster had all the similar features like the exact same hair, robotic arm, and equipment in the chest.

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Based on all the information available so far, it seems like this new legend’s abilities will be centered around him making things go ‘boom’. The leaked abilities also match the overall vibe of Fuse. However, Respawn kept the trailer intentionally vague, so things can still change.

Fuse Abilities Revealed:

In the latest gameplay trailer released on Apex Legends’ official YouTube channel, we got first looks at Fuse’s abilities.

His first ability makes use of his mechanic arm. In the Fuse trailer, we saw Fuse lose his arm to the golden grenade. But in the mayhem trailer, we saw his severed arm replaced with a new and improved mechanical arm.

Fuse’s passive ability seems to be using his mechanical arm to throw arc stars and grenades further than any other agent.

Fuse First ability
Fuse First ability Credit: Apex Legends YouTube

Fuses’ Q ability shoots a stun grenade of some sort at enemies in a small radius.

His ultimate ability has Fuse pull out the massive mortar from his back and fire an explosive in the air that erupts into multiple fireballs. The fireballs form a ring of fire and prevent the escape of anyone trapped inside.

Fuse Ultimate ability

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