Apex Legends Lore: new information reveals Mirage is related to certain Titanfall 2 characters

Mirage is a fan favorite legend in the Outlands with a larger than life personality. Since the launch of Apex Legends, Mirage has caught the eye of many fans.

Much wasn’t known about this holographic trickster’s past aside from the initial description provided by Respawn in their official blog. Although Respawn did tease a small message from his mother back in season 6.

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With the return of the Mirage voyage in Kings Canyon, Respawn revealed massive new clues that tied him back to characters in the Titanfall Universe. Respawn teased something was coming with the return of Mirage voyage.

And told fans to find Mirage’s lost phone. After fans finally got their hands on Mirage’s lost phone, they were greeted with a full-length message from Mirage’s mother. And Based on that information, it was revealed that Mirage is indeed related to Droz and Davis from Titanfall 2.

Turns out, Droz and Davis from the Titanfall 2 are his uncles. It also gave some clarification to the fans about whom Mirage got his over the top sense of humor from. It definitely runs in the family. Additionally, players were also treated to more lore info.

New information in that audio clip also hinted that Mirage’s mother might be suffering from dementia. And she keeps forgetting things about her past. While the reveal of his uncles was a clever twist from Respawn, this new revelation about Mirage’s mother ended the clip in a somber tone.

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Mirage Voyage is now live for players to enjoy all over again. Since fans were asking for it to return to the original map, Respawn happily obliged. But fans of the franchise definitely didn’t expect such a reveal of this nature.

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