Apex Legends Winter Circuit Online Tournament-1 Postponed Following Constant Server Crashes

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: EA

Apex Legends Winter Circuit’s first online tournament, which was supposed to start on January 17 got delayed.

As Apex Legends servers were facing difficulties with constant crashes, Respawn decided to postpone the first online tournament in the Winter Circuit. Instead, the next tournament which was previously called Winter Circuit Online Tournament 2 will take place on its original date January 29 to January 31.

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Apex Legends’ recent patches with the ‘Fight Night’ event have brought with it some unexpected errors that result in constant crashes. While it can be infuriating for the average player base to deal with server crashes on their casual lobby, the same can be devastating on tournament servers where prize money is at stake.

Winter Circuit Online Tournament-1 delayed

Apex Legends Winter Circuit postponed
Image via Respawn

The announcement of this delay was met with disappointment from some of the participants. Apex Legends is currently facing some unwanted attention for its infamous server crashes. However, in a tournament, this can be really irritating for both the players and the viewers.

2020 was not a great year for Apex Legends’ competitive scene as some of the big-name players left the game to either pursue a career in content creation or switch over to other games with greener pastures.

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And some of the biggest LAN tournaments were also affected by the pandemic. In 2021, Respawn plans to bounce back with more consistent tournaments with a hefty prize pool.

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