Apex Legends player shows a clever trick to prevent enemies from reaching through ziplines

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Whenever a player gets knocked in Apex Legends the game offers them the option to at least provide cover for themselves and occasionally their allies in the midst of a battle using knockdown shields.

Furthermore, downed players can also use the knockdown shields to block out enemy advances through small doorways. And sometimes players also use them to cover their allies while they are self reviving using the golden knockdown shields or just healing.

Rodney Reece on Twitter: "There are lots of map tweaks to World's Edge. One  of the smaller one is there are ziplines to the cars in Train Yard… "
Image via Rodney Reece twitter

As it turns out, players can actually do a lot more than just covering themselves while using the knockdown shields. An Apex Legends player showcased how players can actually utilize their knockdown shields to fend off their enemies from reaching them through ziplines.

Clever downed tactics:

In this case, this player used the knockdown shields to literally block the enemy from reaching the high ground via ziplines. While it may not work everywhere on the map, in some instances like this one it can in fact provide valuable time for teammates to heal. If players are stuck in one of those high places of the map where players can only reach using zip lines, this clever trick can surely come in handy.

Additionally, there are already a lot of clips floating around the internet where a downed player used the maximum potential of the knockdown shields to secure a victory. In the case of Apex legends, a player is still valuable to their teammates even after they are downed.

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