Apex Legends Season 12 Leak Reveals Unreleased Weapons: Scorpion C80, Maelstorm, Fanatic, and Gemini

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Some recent Apex Legends leaks have revealed unreleased weapons such as Scorpion C80, Maelstorm, Nemesis, Fanatic, Gemini, etc.

Season 12 introduced a new Legend Mad Maggie, a new Battle Pass, map changes, a new ranked season, and more. While Apex Legends players were busy enjoying the new content, the data miners and leakers were hard at work trying to find new leaks and information about upcoming content.

Unsurprisingly, some interesting internal Apex Legends leaks came to our attention. These leaks show unreleased Apex Legends Characters, weapons, skins, maps, and more. This article will talk about all the leaked and unreleased weapons, mainly the Scorpion C80, Maelstorm, Nemesis, Fanatic, Gemini, etc.

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Apex Legends Leaked Unreleased Weapons

Scorpion C80

First, let’s take a look at the Scorpion C80. It is an interesting weapon because it uses crossbow bolts despite being fully automatic. The video also shows that the Scorpion C80 has an alternate single-fire mode.

The Scorpion C80 fires crossbow bolts that explode after some time in single-fire mode. The Scorpion 80 can hold 16 ammo in the magazine without any upgrades. At present, the weapon does not have a design and is using the Hemlok model.


Next up, we have a weapon called Maelstorm. This one is an LMG that uses light ammo. The recoil and fire rate are comparable to the other LMGs currently available in Apex Legends. But the damage might be lower since it uses light ammo. The video showcases the Maelstorm using the Spitfire model.

Nemesis (Released in Season 16)

Following the Maelstorm, we have the Nemesis. From the leaked video, it seems to be an SMG. The Nemesis will use Energy ammo and have an overclock mechanic. Initially, the weapon fires slowly, but as the heat increases, the fire rate also increases. When the heat level reaches its maximum, the weapon becomes fully automatic with a very high fire rate. The heat meter drops after not firing the gun for some time.

Note: Some of Nemesis’ features were changed with the Season 16 launch. Here are the official details about Nemesis.


It seems like this pistol might be compatible with energy-based ammo. Based on the leaked clip, it showcases similar characteristics as Triple Take since it also appears to have an alternative firing mode where players might be able to charge their weapons to deal extra damage.

The leak reveals that Respawn is currently using RE45 as a placeholder for this energy-based pistol, as it doesn’t have a finished design. The video shows that the Fanatic Energy Pistols can be dual-wielded.


And lastly, we have the Gemini Energy SMG. This weapon has a very fast fire rate and high DPS. When players equip two Gemini SMGs, they get a special buff that allows fast swapping between the weapons.

Remember, Respawn usually tests everything and makes multiple adjustments before releasing new content. So, what you see in the leaks may not be the final outcome. Moreover, Respawn also tends to scrap ideas as they move forward. So, you may not even see some of these weapons released at all.

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