Apex Legends Fan Gives Revenant a Human Skinsuit Makeover

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: @hoxdolum/ Respawn

A crafty Apex Legends fan comes up with a skin concept for Revenant based on his human form.

If you ever played Apex Legends, you might have come across Revenant, the grumpiest character in the game. Even in the Apex Legends lore, Revenant is described as a ‘Synthetic Nightmare.’ In his past life, he was a hitman for the Mercenary Syndicate.

After becoming a simulacrum, he joined the Apex games and is still searching for whoever turned him into a killing machine. In the official cinematic trailer for Apex Legends season 4, we first saw a glimpse of Revenant as a hitman in his previous life.

Since then, Apex Legends fans have been begging Respawn to add a Revenant skin based on his original human form. It would fit his personality perfectly based on how many times he utters the word skinsuit.

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Revenant’s Human Skin

One savvy Apex Legends fan put custom animation on Revenant’s human form. This artist literally animated Revenant based on Mirage, and the end result is just too good.

The artist even made custom Blooper animations as well. The reaction from the Apex Legends community is quite hysterical.

byu/creedroyce from discussion

Apex Legends fans are a creative bunch, without a doubt. From making awe-inspiring fan art to full-fledged custom animation for characters, there is no absence of creativity within the player base. Maybe if we push hard enough, Respawn might surprise us with human Revenant skin.

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