Apex Legends Mad Maggie Launch Skin Bundle: First Look, Price, Release Date

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Respawn/ Shrutgal Twitter

With the release of Season 12, Apex Legends also introduced the Mad Maggie launch bundle. Here’s a good look at the bundle.

Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance launched on February 8, 2022. The new update brought a new Battle Pass, map changes, Kinetic Feeder Hop-up, etc. Respawn has also announced changes to Apex Legends ranked kill bonus and placement points.

The new 9v9 Control game mode also came out with the release of season 12. Moreover, in the same season, Apex Legends celebrated its 3rd Anniversary Event, which also introduced the first prestige skin for Bloodhound called “Apex Hunter.”

Respawn also revealed the new foul-mouthed Legend Mad Maggie with her wall penetrating ability and rolling skill shot ultimate. Like always, there will also be a Mad Maggie launch skin bundle. Below are all the details about the Mad Maggie launch skin bundle, including the look, price, and release date.

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Mad Maggie Launch Skin Bundle First Look

The Mad Maggie launch bundle skins boast mostly black, orangish-red colors with green accents. It also has Mad Maggie’s signature shoulder spikes. This launch skin has Maggie wearing a green horn-shaped necklace and matching earrings. Half of Maggie’s face is robotic, with orange and green eyes. The whole bundle will also feature a matching legendary Peacekeeper skin and a unique-looking holo spray for Maggie.

Mad Maggie Launch Skin Bundle
Image via Respawn

“Maori Warrior” Mad Maggie Skin

"Maori Warrior" Mad Maggie Skin
Image via Respawn

“Peacebreaker” Peacekeeper Skin

"Peacebreaker" Peacekeeper Skin
Image via Respawn

Kia Ora Holographic Spray

Kia Ora Holographic Spray

Mad Maggie Launch Skin Bundle Price

Mad Maggie’s launch skin bundle costs around 3000 Apex coins. However, if you purchased Mad Maggie using the Legend token, then the overall price of the skin would be 2250 Apex coins.

Mad Maggie Launch Skin Bundle Release Date

The Mad Maggie Launch skin bundle was released on February 8, 2022.

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