Apex Legends Season 12 nerfs tap-strafing, aim-assist, and punch boosting

Respawn has revealed their plans regarding controversial movement mechanics & aim-assist for season 12 of Apex Legends.

Following its official launch in 2019, Apex Legends stood out from the battle royale crowd with their world-class first-person shooter mechanics paired with their famous movement techs taken straight out of Titanfall video games.

Like Titanfall, this battle royale hero shooter also used a highly modified version of the source engine. As such, this game has one of the smoothest feeling movements of any first-person shooter game that is out right now.

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Massive movement nerf

With enough hands-on time, savvy Apex Legends players figured out advanced movement techs like “tap-strafing” and “punch boosting” to get an edge over their opponents in close quarter gunfights.

Massive movement nerf
Image Credit: Respawn

After taking a closer look at these movement exploits, the dev at Respawn Entertainment decided these exploits weren’t healthy for the game as they lacked readability.

What is tap-stafing?

Tap-strafing is an advanced movement tech that allows players to make sharp 180-degree turns in any direction.

What is Punch Boosting?

Punch boosting allows players to gain additional momentum by punching the ground behind them.

Respawn already tried to remove tap-strafing in a previous patch. However, that exact patch caused other issues. As a result, Respawn decided to go back to the drawing board regarding tap-strafing. In season 12’s official update, Respawn has finally decided to ship the long-awaited changes that aim to remove tap-strafing as well as punch boosting.

Aim assist gets nerfed

On top of that, the new update also targeted aim assist on the controller. According to Respawn, if a controller player joins a PC lobby, their aim assist will get a significant nerf. Although this nerf is only applicable for controller players who play on the PC platform.

All of these nerfs have been in the works for a long time now. However, these topics are also hotly debated within the Apex community. Hopefully, these changes will make the whole experience better for players of all skill buckets.

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