Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event: Loba Prestige Skin, New LTM, Cosmetics, and More

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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The first Collection Event called Uprising for season 19, has already been leaked thanks to data miners.

A new season has launched to commemorate the continued success of Apex Legends, and Respawn is on it with its cosmetic releases and content packs. As a free game, one of the main sources of revenue for the game is through microtransactions promoted via different events, like Collection Events.

These Collection Events give us limited-time cosmetics to purchase via the in-game store, especially Heirlooms and Prestige Skins. The Uprising Collection event is the newest addition to Respawns Cosmetic introductions.

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Uprising Collection Event

Data Miners have leaked the first Collection Event for Season 19. This Collection Event appears to be called “Uprising,” and it will finally bring Loba’s Prestige skin into the game along with a whole bunch of new cosmetic skins. Alongside this, a new LTM is set to be launched as well.

Loba’s “Apex Lycanthrope” Prestige Skin

After Revenant, Loba will receive her Prestige skin. Players can unlock the skin after collecting all 24 items in the Collection Event. Similar to previous Prestige skins, it’ll have three tiers and a unique finisher. Loba’s Prestige Skin was leaked a while ago. we finally know what it looks like

Loba Prestige Skin

It will also come with a unique Skydive trail.

New Skins

The event will also come with unique skins for many Legends for players to unlock. As usual, there will be 24 Collectible Skins that you can unlock via Uprising Collection Packs.

Uprising Collect event Skins

New LTM: Rev Army

There is also a leak regarding the new LTM called Rev’s Army. According to the leaks, the event leaks suggest a mix of survival and battle royale, where two teams will fight in a timed round. Players will have to survive the onslaught of Revenant’s Army until evacuation arrives. If a player falls, they will switch teams and join the army to take down the remaining players before they can escape.

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