Apex Legends Glitch Allows Players to Avoid Wraith’s Tactical Cooldown in Season 11

Nafiu Aziz
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A strange bug in Apex Legends has enabled players to bypass the tactical cooldown of Wraith’s “into the void” tactical ability.

Note: You are reading an old article from 2021. So, the information may not be up-to-date.

Apex Legends is a battle royale FPS game that is known for its diverse cast of characters, all of whom have unique abilities. Among them, the mysterious phase-shifting Wraith is a fan-favorite character.

Following the game’s official launch back in 2019, Wraith instantly amassed a massive dedicated fanbase, mainly due to her abilities. Back then, Wraith’s tactical ability gave her instant invulnerability from every type of damage in the game; she was a must-pick character for a long time.

Even after some rework that nerfed her quite a bit, she is still among the most popular legends in the game with a healthy pick rate. Now, a really keen-eyed Apex Legends player discovered an unusual glitch that allows Wraith players to avoid the tactical cooldown that comes after using the ability.

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Wraith’s Tactical Cooldown is Bugged

Respawn Entertainment introduced Ash as the new playable character in season 11 of Apex Legends. And she also possesses the ability to enter the void. Turns out, if a Wraith player uses the tactical ability and enters Ash’s ultimate Phase Breach ability, the game doesn’t apply a cooldown on the ability usage timer.

Apex Wraith tactical cooldown bug
Image via Respawn

As such, Wraith players can apparently bypass the cooldown of the tactical ability altogether. Meaning players can perform the tactical ability multiple times in a row without the cooldown penalty associated with it.

An Apex Legends developer later clarified that this is just a bug. And they are apparently working on a fix at the moment.

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Bugs and glitches similar to these are not, unfortunately, uncommon in a massive multiplayer live service game such as Apex Legends with a lot of moving parts. But it’s always good to hear the devs at Respawn Entertainment working on the game to better the endgame experience for players.

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