Apex Legends Fans Think the Addition of Stickers is Nothing But “Garbage”

Respawn recently introduced a new cosmetic item called Stickers. Most players think it is not that interesting.

Apex Legends just introduced Stickers with the Eclipse launch trailer. According to the information available, these cosmetic items may only be applied to healing items such as Syringes, Med Kits, Shield Cells, Shield Batteries, and Phoenix Kits.

Stickers will be available in the Store starting from November 1 along with Season 15. Players can get these Stickers by opening Apex packs or purchasing them directly from Store. Although it is a new addition to the game, players don’t seem very interested in it.

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Stickers are “Worthless Garbage”

Players are always excited when new features are added to Apex Legends. For Stickers, it’s not the same story, though. It appears that the general player base is really annoyed by how little usage these Stickers have.

Additionally, if these Stickers are included in the Apex packs, players will have a lower chance of receiving better items like Crafting Metals, Legend Skins, and Weapon Skins.

Players are already frustrated with Respawn for not fixing servers and bringing permanent game modes. So, the addition of Stickers in Apex Legends is just considered “worthless garbage” to players, which seems reasonable.

However, players’ opinions of the new features also change as the game advances. So, whether or not including Stickers in the game was a smart decision will only become clear over time.

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