Amumu is getting a hotfix nerf on patch 10.24

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Amumu is set to receive yet another nerf in patch 10.24 as Riot thinks he is still overperforming other tanks.

League of Legends 2021 preseason has been all about the new Mythic items and items overhaul. With all the new changes being pushed into one patch, it was pretty much destined that some items or champions are going to have an edge over others. And apparently, Tanks have found that edge and completely taken over the soloq.

Riot however did give some significant nerfs to tanks and tank items first in the patch 10.23 hotfix and later on the patch 10.24.

But even with those nerfs, it seems, Tanks are still strong as before in the soloq in terms of win rate. Among the tank champions, Amumu particularly has excelled himself from other tanks in the preseason. Before the preseason patch, Amumu had around a 4.27% pick rate in the Plat+ Elo. However, after patch 10.23, his pick rate jumped to 12.97% where he had an astonishing 59.99% win rate.

Even after the nerfs on patch 10.24, currently, Amumu has a 54.13% win rate with a 57.5% ban rate in the Plat+ Elo.

After day two of patch 10.24, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has stated that, “Amumu still looking like a big outlier after the patch, overperforming other tanks (and everyone else).” And shared a hotfix nerf for Amumu in patch 10.24.

Amumu Hotfix Nerf Patch 10.24

  • Mana per level 60 >>> 40
  • E base damage 75-175 >>> 75-155
  • R stun duration 2 >>> 1.5-2s

In patch 10.24 Riot nerfed his W and now in the hotfix, they have targeted his mana per level, reduced his E’s base damage at the max level by 20, and lowered his ultimate’s stun duration at the early level. Amumu is known for being a mana hungry champion and this nerf to his mana per level might actually hurt him in the jungle.

Other Bugfixes for Patch 10.24

Dr. Mundo

  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug causing Mundo’s Passive – Adrenaline Rush’s health regeneration to not work


  • BUGFIX Elise’s Spider Q – Venomous Bite now properly deals damage again. Elise has been re-enabled.


  • BUGFIX Gragas’ Q – Barrel Roll no longer deals max damage even when uncharged”

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