Alpha Wolf Locations in V Rising

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Credit: Stunlock Studios

In V Rising, one of the bosses you need to defeat is the Alpha Wolf. But unfortunately, he doesn’t stay in one place. So here we will show you the locations of Alpha Wolf and how to track him down.

In V Rising, you play a vampire who has woken up from a centuries-long slumber. Now you need to regain your former strength and become the Dracula. And to do that, you will need to defeat strong enemies and extract their blood.

In V Rising, you can build an altar called Blood Altar. Here you will be able to check and track down powerful opponents. Killing and taking their blood gives you more strength, new powers, and new building blueprints.

One of these powerful enemies is the Alpha Wolf. Killing and extracting the blood from Alpha Wolf will allow you to transform into a wolf. This form increases your movement speed by 45%. So, it will come in handy in the game. That said, here is how you can track down the Alpha Wolf.

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Alpha Wolf Locations

Alpha Wolf is one of the bosses you need to kill as soon as possible. That is because he gives you the ability to transform into a wolf. In this form, you gain a lot of movement speed. So it is an excellent ability to go around in the world when you don’t have a horse available.

But unlike other bosses, the Alpha Wolf doesn’t stay in one place. Instead, he likes to roam around. Here is a marked map of where you can find the Alpha Wolf. The main locations of the wolf are marked by 1,2, and 3.

Alpha Wolf Map in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

You can track Alpha Wolf from the Blood Altar, but it will not tell you exactly where to find the wolf. This is because the wolf likes to roam around between these three areas in Farbane Woods. But still, if you want to kill the Alpha Wolf, track him through the blood altar.

Tracking him will have you end up in one of these three areas. Then, you can go to the other two areas to check on the wolf. This is one way to track him down. But there is another easy way to get to him.

If you don’t want to go around looking for the Alpha Wolf, you will just need to stay in Area 1 or 2. As the wolf roams around, he will eventually end up in these two areas. Then you can fight him when he shows up.

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