How to Get Horse in V Rising

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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V Rising has a large area for you to explore. But because of that, it becomes troublesome to travel without a mount. So, here is how you can get a Horse in V Rising.

V Rising is the newest title in the survivor genre. Here you play as a weak Vampire who has woken up after centuries of sleep. Your goal is to survive and get your strength back.

V Rising features a vast open map for you to explore. You can indeed go around and explore the area at your own pace. But this kind of open area can get time-consuming to navigate if you want to go somewhere.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can travel. You can teleport to certain locations, but the most popular way to travel would be by horse. With a horse, you can travel and take in all the scenery. So here is how you can get a horse in V Rising.

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How to Find and Use a Horse in V Rising

The horse is the best way to travel inside V Rising. They don’t have any weight limits like the teleporters, and you can actually use the teleports with the horses if you meet the weight limit.

How to Find a Horse

Finding a horse is actually easy in V Rising. The most likely area to encounter a horse would be the Dunley Farmlands. You can find horses in the military encampments on the border there. But that is not the only area you can find horses.

Horses always spawn inside the Stables. So no matter which area you are on, if you find a stable, there is a horse inside it.

One more way you can find horses are on the carts. Oftentimes, horses are bonded next to the carts.

How to Ride a Horse

In V Rising, the hard part of a horse is to find it. Riding a horse is super easy. All you have to do is go up to it and press F. That’s all you need to do. There are no extra steps for riding a horse. As long as you find a horse, you can ride it.

However, horses do have their own stats. So naturally, some horses will be faster than others, depending on their stats. You will also need to feed and maintain your horse. Or else they will die or dehydration.

On the other side, the good thing about the horses is that they stay where you leave them. Even if you die, you can go and collect your horse as long as it doesn’t get stolen by other players.

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