All Bosses in Armored Core 6

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: From Software

Armored Core 6 has a multiple array of bosses. Sometimes, they are a big spectacle, while other times, it can be a 1v1 AC fight. Here is a list of all the bosses you can expect from the game.

Armored Core 6 is the newest game in the franchise. After 10 years of absence, FromSoftware developed a new entry for the franchise. So, this new game has to appeal to the fans of the game as well as attract new players to the genre. The mech genre for video games has been pretty dry for quite some time. So, depending on the success of Armored Core 6, it can breathe new life into the genre.

Armored Core 6 has five different chapters, with a few chapters containing decisions that can change the game’s entire story. Depending on the mission, you will be fighting one boss and getting locked out of the other. So, you need multiple playthroughs to complete the experience of the game. New Game+ and New Game++ also unlock new missions for the players to play. So, it is preferred that you play on New Game+ rather than starting a new save altogether if you want to go back and make a different decision than your first playthrough.

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All Bosses in AC6

Armored Core 6 has quite a few bosses. But some of the bosses may be tied to certain decisions you make in the game. After making one decision, you cannot experience the other path unless you play the whole game again. Also, the true final boss of the game is locked behind the true ending, which can only be unlocked at New Game++. So, you will need to finish the game three times to experience every boss in the game.

That being said, These are all the bosses you will face on your journey to experience Armored Core 6 completely.

  • AH12 HC Helicopter
  • HA-T-102 Juggernaut
  • AA P07 Balteus
  • EC-0804 Smart Cleaner
  • IA-13 Sea Spider
  • IA-02: Ice Worm
  • AA P03 Enforcer
  • IB:01: CEL 240
  • IB-C03: HAL 826 (Ayre)
  • IB-07 SOL 644 (Handler Walter)
  • V.III
  • Honest Brute
  • Raven
  • G1 Michigan
  • V.IV Rusty
  • V.I Freud
  • V.II Snail
  • “Cinder” Carla
  • Allmind
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