All Part Container Locations in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

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All Part Container Locations: Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Here are all the Part Container locations in Armored Core 6.

The story of Armored Core 6 takes place in the year 2049. Humans are looking for new places to live when they suddenly find Rubicon. After a new material called Coralium changed the course of its past, the planet Rubicon is now beginning a new era. Long story short, everyone wants to rule the Rubicon planet now that it is becoming a battleground for corporations, governments, and even mercenary groups fighting for power.

In this game, you play the part of a so-called assassin with the codename 621. Your only goal is to do what your boss tells you to do. In the middle of all this chaos is a story that goes way beyond what you know. Once you get to the end, you’ll start to understand all of these plots.

Now, the part containers are unique items that can be found to get extra mech parts and a special reward. These chest-like containers, which are not available until Chapter 2, provide new parts for the Assembly Menu. However, the game lacks tracking of the number of containers, so it can be quite difficult to determine the remaining cases. However, with our detailed location, let’s find out where to find these part containers.

All Part Container Locations in AC6

Chapter 2 Part Containers

Mission: Infiltrate Grid 086

Part ContainerLocation
CC-3000 WRECKER (Core)Reach the center of Grid 086’s lower level. From there, take a sharp left.
HC-3000 WRECKER (Head)Look for a room with a furnace. From there, jump down through the gap, where you will see a bunch of MTs’.
AC-3000 WRECKER (Arm)Explore the furnace room until you find the metal processing room. Enter the pipe in the opposite direction and reach the lower level to find the container.
2C-3000 WRECKER (Leg)In the “Annihilate enemy MT squad” quest, turn sharply 90 degrees to a sloping platform before attacking the MT squad.

Chapter 3 Part Containers

Mission: Tunnel Sabotage 

Part ContainerLocation
IA-C01W1: NEBULA (Plasma Rifle)The container is located at the top of a beam at the chasm. After Ayre’s comm response, head to that beam. Then, look for the leftmost room to find the part container.

Mission: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City

Part ContainerLocation
IA-CO1G: AORTA (Generator)Turn off the first fog-control device, then follow the red beam while keeping an eye out for the flying enemies. You will find the part container on the rooftop.

Mission: Eliminate “Honest” Brute

Part ContainerLocation
WB-0010 DOUBLE TROUBLE (Chainsaw)Keep going downwards on the platform from the laser sensors. The container will be close to the platform.
BC-0600 12345 (Booster)Move to the east platform and jump up to the large platform below to access the part container.
WB-0000 BAD COOK (Flamethrower)Explore the forcefield opening and look for the room filled with lasers. Be in stealth mod and locate the part container on the eastern side, beneath the first platform.

Chapter 4: Part Containers

Mission: Underground Exploration – Depth 1

Part Container Location
IA-C01L: EPHEMERA (Legs)Proceed halfway through the shaft until the
partition closes. Follow the objective
marker and enter the room beside the shaft. You will find the container in this room.

Mission: Underground Exploration – Depth 2

Part Container Location
IA-C01B: GILLS (Booster)After defeating G5 Igiazu, keep going forward until you face blue laser shots. On your right, you will find a room. Keep heading towards the room until the mechs get inside. You will find the container in this room.
IA-C01A: EPHEMERA (Arms)At the end of the mission, enter the ventilation shaft. Use the jump pad as a boost, which will get you in front of the container.

Mission: Unknown Territory Survey

Part Container Location
IA-C01H: EPHEMERA (Head)Continue through the tunnel, and the container will be on your left.

Mission: Reach the Coral Convergence

Part Container Location
IA-CO1W2: MOONLIGHT (Blade Arm Weapon)From the highway, start flying to the northwest until you reach a broken bridge. Get to the end of the bridge and jump down to find the container.

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