ALGS MVP HisWattson Has Allegedly Been Blacklisted from EA’s Tournaments

HisWattson claims that he is started getting blacklisted from EA’s tournament following his controversial actions on Twitter.

HisWattson is a professional Apex Legends player currently signed under FURIA. He hit #1 Predator in Season 13 Split 2 and gained huge followings down the line. With HisWattson, FURIA also got second place in the 2022 ALGS Championship. Moreover, he became the MVP of the tournament.

He recently gained insane popularity in the Apex community, thanks to his incredible performance in ALGS. There is no doubt that he is currently one of the best players in the game. However, HisWattson is also infamous for his mean Tweets and beef with EA.

Not so long ago he had a questionable interaction with a notorious cheater and a data miner called AG420 through Discord messages. The messages were made public by AG420 which eventually had a negative impact on HisWattson’s reputation as a professional Apex player.

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HisWattson Claims of Being Blacklisted From EA’s Tournaments

A few days back, HisWattson had an issue with his Apex Legends, preventing him from playing and streaming the game. As a professional player who makes a living out of playing Apex Legends, HisWattson didn’t want to sit idle with his situation.

To know what’s been going on with his game, HisWattson reached out to AG420 via Discord, where he shared his discontent with EA, and called out Hideouts. Instead of spilling the beans, AG420 made their conversation screenshot public on Twitter.

Although people didn’t believe AG420 at first, HisWattson later admitted that it was, in fact, him in the screenshot, followed by more controversial statements towards EA and Hideouts. While some of the players supported his actions, many pros, including Snip3down, discouraged him from doing such things as it could hurt his overall reputation as a professional player.

And, it didn’t take long for HisWattson to receive the backlash. “EA has started blacklisting me from tournaments. Can’t believe I’m being punished for being mad that a guy on a laptop can literally stop me from doing my job whenever he wants.”, HisWattson quoted in his recent Tweet.

Apparently, HisWattson said he was blacklisted from an upcoming tournament in Twitchcon because of the things he said about Hideouts. Nonetheless, no official announcement regarding HisWattson’s claim from EA has been made. However, if his claim is true, HisWattson’s career might take a massive hit before it can grow further.

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