ImperialHal Allegedly Got Hacked as Someone Kept Kicking Him Out of Apex Legends Matches

ImperialHal recently had an awful experience with Apex Legends as he constantly got kicked out of the game by hackers.

There’s no doubt that Apex Legends is one of the best multiplayer games and arguably the best Battle Royale in the genre. However, the game has flaws, especially with its security system. As a result, hackers and cheaters have always been significant issues for Apex Legends.

Although the amount of hackers and cheaters has significantly decreased compared to the previous state of the game, it hasn’t been completely solved. After constantly ruining regular players’ experience in the game, the hackers are targeting professional players who make a living out of the game.

A few days back, current ALGS MVP HisWattson had an issue with his game as he was constantly being kicked out of the game, making him unable to play and stream. A huge drama also occurred as HisWattson had a questionable interaction with an infamous hacker. However, this time ImperialHal became the victim of this malicious act.

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ImperialHal Allegedly Got Hacked

ImperialHal is a professional Apex Legends player, currently playing for TSM. However, he is also a popular streamer with a massive following. He regularly streams on Twitch as a part of his regular schedule.

Recently, ImperialHal was doing his regular scheduled stream. He was playing pubs, and suddenly, he got kicked out of the match. He stumbled at first but immediately realized what happened because of HisWattson’s similar encounter with his account.

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“Bro, someone’s in my account. Oh my god! yeah, someone’s definitely in my account. I wonder if Hideouts is awake. It’s the same thing that happened to (His)Wattson. I’m pretty sure someone’s in my account (who) just keeps logging in and kicks me out of the game.”

Imperialhal was pretty frustrated with the encounter. Hal entered another match, and the same thing happened again, and he became convinced that someone had compromised his account. However, ImperialHal assured his viewers that his account would not be harmed because he has connections with the devs. Nonetheless, it is an awful encounter to experience for anyone.

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