Respawn Confirms Fixing 1v1 in Firing Range of Apex Legends

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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1v1 in Firing Range has become a thing of the past since the Season 14 update. However, it might get fixed soon.

Although Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game, it has been common for the players to play 1v1 in the Firing Range. No matter whether you’re looking for a friendly competition or to practice your aim against actual players, having 1v1 in the Firing Range was the way to go.

Players would pick up max gears along with a Golden Knockdown Shield and battle it out for rounds after rounds to find who is the better player in 1v1 fights. However, since Season 14 Golden Res Shield change, having 1v1 in Firing Range has become obsolete.

Now, if you kill your opponent in Firing Range, the player will respawn back to the starting point. Moreover, players must pick up their gears and weapons every time they get killed. So, it’s not fun anymore to get into the Firing Range with your friends to have 1v1s.

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Dev Confirms Fixing 1v1 in Firing Range

When Respawn removed the Self-res feature from the game, they didn’t think of the potential issue of 1v1 in the Firing Range. However, when the patch notes came out, and players saw the Self-res change, they immediately found the flaw.

Most players were already disappointed because of the removal of Self-res. And the inability to 1v1 in Firing Range made players more upset. So, players have been asking Respawn to at least give Self-res back in Firing Range or fix the instant death issue so they could 1v1 again.

In a recent Tweet, professional Apex player G2 Resultah mentioned Respawn and requested them to add the Self-res feature back. The Sr. producer of Apex Legends, Josh Medina replied, “Nah but we fixing it so you can 1v1 again in FR.”

Judging by the reply, Josh Medina ensured they wouldn’t bring the Self-res back. However, it seems like they will add new features in the Firing Range so that players can play 1v1 in Apex Legends once again.

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