ALGS MVP HisWattson Colluded With Renowned Cheater To Gain “Mutual Benefit” and Flame EA

A drama concerning the current ALGS MVP HisWattson surfaced on the Apex Legends community as he had a questionable conversation with an infamous cheater.

HisWattson is a professional Apex Legends player currently signed under FURIA. He hit #1 Predator in Season 13 Split 2 and gained huge followings down the line. With HisWattson, FURIA also got second place in the 2022 ALGS Championship. Moreover, he became the MVP of the tournament.

Undoubtedly he is currently one of the best players in the world. However, HisWattson is also known for making mean Tweets and bringing controversial topics to light, especially regarding EA and Respawn and their flawed security system for Apex Legends.

Recently, HisWattson had an issue with his game, where he was constantly getting kicked out of the lobby, making him unable to play and stream. HisWattson tried to reach out to Respawn but was informed that nobody on the security team at Apex works on the weekends. Again, he clearly didn’t seem to take the issue lightly.

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HisWattson Talks To a Cheater for “Mutual Benefit”

A popular data miner in the community and an infamous cheater who goes by the name AG420 saw HisWattson’s post and made a retweet. HisWattson noticed the retweet and reached out to AG420 through the Discord DM.

HisWattson addressed the issue he had and asked AG420 if he knew anything regarding the situation. AG420 said he knew what was going on. However, he asked HisWattson to reach out to Hideouts, who works for Respawn security.

HisWattson replied he didn’t want to reach out to Hideouts as he “hates him.” Later he asked AG420 to share if he knew anything regarding the situation again so that he could use that information to “Flame EA on Twitter” and it would “Mutually benefit” both of them.

AG420 didn’t spill the beans. Instead, he took the screenshot of the conversation with HisWattson and shared it on his Twitter. People were initially in disbelief and thought AG420 was not telling the truth. However, HisWattson later admitted that it was actually him in the screenshot.

The HisWattson and AG420 situation gathered massive traction in the Apex Legends community. Fans and pros have different opinions regarding HisWattson’s action. While some people are defending HisWattson, others think it will hurt HisWattson’s reputation.

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