Fan Shares a Wild Idea for Potential LTM in Apex Legends

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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An Apex Legends fan came up with an amazing LTM idea where they could grab anyone’s banner and respawn them as their teammates.

Apex Legends brings new and old Limited Time Game Modes, commonly known as LTMs in every new Season. These LTMs usually come with the launch Collection and Thematic Events. Millions of players hop on to these LTMs to experience something than the traditional Apex BR.

LTMs such as Control, Arms and Dangerous, Shadow Royale, and Flashpoint are some of the most popular LTMs in Apex Legends. Respawn generates new ideas and releases these game modes in every new Season. They also bring back old and most demanding LTMs per players’ requests.

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Fan-Made Idea for a Potential LTM

Apex Legends has a great community with diverse and creative minds. Players all around the world share their opinions and ideas concerning several aspects of the game. Similarly, a Redditor named u/TakeThatRipjawsMan shared their ” absolutely wild idea” of an LTM.

In this LTM players will drop their Banners that will be accessible to not only teammates but also their enemies. And, anyone with the banner can respawn those players and make them their teammates. Although it is a wild idea, it is an LTM. So according to the OP, “no one should care too much” if this doesn’t go very well.

Let’s see what others think of this idea:

Nonetheless, it’ll be exciting to see Respawn implementing Fan-made ideas into the game. Players will be thrilled if they start taking feedback while creating LTMs.

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