Activision is suing popular Call of Duty hacking site to combat cheaters

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Activision is reportedly suing popular Call of Duty hacking site in order to take extra measurements against cheaters.

Call of Duty: Warzone is out for around five months, but even in this short period of time it is already struggling with an immense number of cheaters issue. Players encountered cheaters just after a few days of its release which eventually increased rapidly later on. At this point, Warzone players are convinced that it has the worst cheater issue of any FPS title.

Infinity Ward however tried different anti-cheats in the game to combat cheaters. First, they introduced a new strategy that puts all the cheaters into the same lobby to let them settle their scores against each other. And later, implemented Two-Step Authentication for PC players. These new anti-cheats worked perfectly for a short period of time. But cheaters somehow managed to bypass them very quickly.

While the whole community was outraging, Infinity Ward finally broke their silence stating “cheating will not be tolerated” and pushed a massive ban wave.

And now from the Reddit user u/MrTheRevertz-‘s post, it seems like Activision is taking some extra measurements against cheaters. According to that post, Activision has sued one of the most popular hacking sites that used to sell cheating tools like aimbots and wallhacks for Modern Warfare and Warzone.

“Activision Publishing Inc has filed a lawsuit against Cx*** and has made it clear to us that our services violate their Terms of Use,” they stated on their Discord server. “As a result of our lawsuit with Activision, we have agreed to cease development and support for all Call of Duty related products or services through the site.”

Although they are still selling cheat tools for other titles, they have completely shut down their operation for Call of Duty. And they have also warned their users that they may receive suspension or ban if they try to continue their cheats.

Finally, they have also apologized to Activision by saying “we apologize for any pain we’ve caused to players of Call of Duty.”

On Reddit, players are that saying they deserved it but Activision should have taken actions against them way sooner. That site’s users however are not happy about it and asking for a refund.

This is unquestionably a great step from Activision to combat cheaters as in recent times, cheating has become so obnoxious that even many streamers are now cheating live on their stream.

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