Activision is using this tactic to combat the cheaters in Call of Duty Warzone

Activision did the cheaters dirty

Call of duty released their second attempt at a battle royale called Warzone back in March.

Within only one month, COD warzone had 50 million players worldwide. Needless to say that it was a massive win for Activision. Their last attempt with Blackout was good but failed to keep their fanbase interested. As soon as other more games such as Apex Legends hit the market blackout was kind of dead.

So, they made a huge comeback with warzone. With a lot of success came the cheaters. Cheater in an online multiplayer game isn’t something new. Since COD warzone was free-to-play, it was inevitable at some point.

Every major multiplayer game has to deal with cheaters all the time. In the case of warzone, it was so bad that at one point in time console players were disabling cross-play to combat the cheaters that were overwhelming the game. Activision took matters into their own hands and they banned over 50,000 cheaters since then.

Activision puts cheaters in the same server

Even after all that the number of cheaters in this battle royale isn’t seeing any kind of sign of declining. So, instead of banning them all together Activision now puts all the cheaters into the same lobby to let them settle their score against each other.

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It’s always fun to see cheaters being grouped together with other cheaters. All other major free-to-play online multiplayer games have done this at some point in their life cycle. As getting rid of all the cheaters in an online game is next to impossible, stacking them together in the same lobby is the next best thing that Activision can do to slow their progress.

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