Warzone Players are now blaming easily bypassable 2FA for a sudden spike of cheaters in Season 4

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A lot of Warzone players are experiencing a sudden increase of cheaters in season 4 and they are accusing easily crackable Two-Step Authentication SMS for the increase.

Call of Duty: Warzone, Infinity Ward’s free-to-play battle royale game that attracts thousands of players a day. With so many players coming in, it also attracts players who prefer to cheat/hack for their own personal satisfaction.

The game might be just a couple of months old but it already has a great history around cheaters. Just after a week of its release, Warzone players started to encounter cheaters non-stop, which resulted in console players to disable cross-play to avoid cheaters from PC.

In order to combat cheaters, Infinity Ward banned thousands of accounts. And introduced a new strategy that puts all the cheaters into the same lobby to let them settle their score against each other. Last month, they also introduced a Two-Step Authentication for PC players. The new anti-cheat was working great as it was preventing cheaters from opening new accounts after getting banned. A Reddit post even showed that cheaters were unhappy with the changes as they were having a tough time cheating.

But recently, a lot of Warzone players are reporting that they are experiencing a sudden increase of cheaters once again. And Reddit user aur0n might have found the reason behind this increase.

In his Reddit post, he pointed out that there are many third-party sites/groups that are bypassing the Two-Step Authentication SMS verification just for $2. He even discovered many new businesses that are also selling fresh Warzone accounts for that $2 price tag as well.

In that thread, a lot of players showed their frustration and now accusing the easily bypassable 2FA for the increase. Many players are already asking for a better anti-cheat, hardware ban for example. But some players also pointed out that those cheaters can easily crack the hardware ban as well.

Cheats/Hacks have been a major problem for the shooting genre for years now. Even bypassing SMS verification has been around for quite some time. But the Warzone players are frustrated because they are now encountering way more cheaters than before and Infinity Ward is not doing much regarding the issue.

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