Call of Duty: Warzone console players are disabling cross-play to avoid the increasing number of cheaters on PC

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Call of Duty: Warzone is the newest free-to-play battle royale game that was released on March 10, 2020. And in less than two weeks of its release, players are already facing cheaters in their games.

The speculations for cheaters came around in Call of Duty: Warzone when a Reddit user, Synthin, died suspiciously in the gulag and decided to spectate the player.

The clip clearly shows that the accused player was using some sort of cheat to aim. Many players in that Reddit post have also confirmed that they are also facing aim botters in their games. And demanding to add a “Report button” from Activision.

Cheats and Hacks ruin online games, but it is very common to find cheaters in most of the multiplayer titles on PC. Apex Legends, another free-to-play battle royale game, has a long history of cheaters and hackers. Many other shooting games are also facing cheaters every day. And now Call of Duty: Warzone made it into the list as well.

As Call of Duty: Warzone has a cross-play, many console players are also experiencing cheaters from PC players. As a result, console players are now disabling the cross-play feature to get rid of cheaters and hackers. There are a few Reddit posts from console players, including this, where they are suggesting everyone disable the cross-play feature.

If you also want to disable the feature, go to your options from the main menu, select the Account tab, and there you will find “Crossplay Communication”. Simply disable the option, and you will not be matched with PC players.

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most hyped battle royale games, as it crossed 30 million players in less than two weeks. Which made Call of Duty: Warzone the fastest-growing free-to-play titles.

But hackers and cheaters are already running the beauty of Call of Duty: Warzone. And Activision should act immediately to stop cheaters before players start leaving the game.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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