Aatrox, Illaoi, and Ryze are on the patch 10.20 buff list

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Patch 10.20 to feature Aatrox, Illaoi, and Ryze buffs along with new jungle changes for Sion and Urgot.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the patch 10.20 today. And it seems like they are finally buffing Illaoi along with Aatrox and Ryze in the upcoming patch. Moreover, Riot is also putting Sion and Urgot in the jungle pool with the 10.20 jungle buff as well.

Patch 10.20 Buffs


  • R: Healing amp: 50-70 >>> 50-100%

Compare to some meta top laner like Camille, Maokai, Shen, and others the state of Aatrox is somewhat inadequate. However, despite getting his first buff in almost a year on patch 10.17, his situation didn’t improve what so ever.

Currently, on patch 10.19, he only has a 48.96% win rate while having a 3.7% pick rate. Therefore, Riot is planning to buff him once again on patch 10.20.


  • Tentacle Spawn
    • Cooldown: 20-12 >>> 20-8 by champ level

For the first time since patch 9.13, Illaoi is finally getting some proper buffs in the upcoming patch 10.20. Moreover, she currently only has a 1.8% pick rate which clearly shows how unpopular she is among League players.

Furthermore, a lot of players were also calling out Riot for ignoring Illaoi for such a long time and pointing out how bad her kit is for the current meta. Finally, Riot has listened to the Illaoi mains and decided to give her some notable buffs in patch 10.20.


  • Q: Damage: 65-165 >>> 75-175

Although Ryze has already received three buffs in season 10, his state in the current meta is one of the worst in League of Legends. Ryze’s kit has always favored the pro plays but in the 2020 Summer split his presence was only 3.9%.

Moreover, for most of season 10, he was hovering around 46-47% win rate while having around a 2% pick rate. However, now these 10.20 buffs might actually help him to get back into the meta.

All the new changes are going live on patch 10.20 which is scheduled for Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020.

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