Varus and Braum are getting buffs while Lulu receiving nerfs on patch 10.20

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Patch 10.20 bot lane changes to feature buffs to Varus and Braum however, Lulu is set to receive nerfs.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the patch 10.20 today. And it seems like they are bringing in some more changes into the bot lane. Varus is the only ADC to get buff in the upcoming patch while support champions like Braum and Lulu are set to receive changes as well.

Varus Buff Patch 10.20

  • E:
    • Damage: 50-210 >>> 60-220
  • R:
    • Cooldown: 130-70 >>> 120-60

Because of his insane poke potential, Varus was one of the most annoying champions in League of Legends a couple of patches ago. At one point he was banned in every LPL game in the summer split and had around 80% ban rate in Korea. Therefore, he was undergone with some massive nerfs on patch 10.14.

However, with that one nerf his dominance fell drastically. Even the recent buff on patch 10.17 couldn’t bring him back in the meta. Currently, on patch 10.19, he only has a 46.11% win rate which is one of the lowest win rates among any ADC. Furthermore, he also has one of the lowest pick rates in League of Legends as well. As a result, Riot is planning to buff his in patch 10.20.

Braum Buff Patch 10.20

  • Q:
    • Damage: 60-260 >>> 75-275
    • Mana cost: 55-75 >>> 45-65

Braum is one of the few champions who is yet to receive any changes in season 10. Additionally, the last time he properly received any buffs or nerfs was also back in 9.24. This eventually hurt his pick rate, as some support champions like Bard, Leona, and some others were simply outperforming him in the current meta.

Braum currently only has a 47.3% win rate which is one of the lowest among support champions. Moreover, his pick rate is relatively low as well. Therefore, for the upcoming patch 10.20, Riot is giving him some buffs.

Lulu Nerf Patch 10.20

  • W: Attack speed: 25-45 >>> 20-35%

Unlike Braum, Lulu did receive a small buff on season 10. But her pick rate and win rate is quite the opposite of Braum.

Currently, on patch 10.19, Lulu has one of the highest pick rates among support champions with 16.7% in Plat+ Elo while having a 51.78% win rate. Her current state might not be as annoying as Yuumi’s prime time, but if you’re an assassin you know how annoying she is at this moment.

All the new changes are going live on patch 10.20 which is scheduled for Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020.

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