A new leak suggests controller support is coming to VALORANT

VALORANT is a PC only 5v5 tactical shooter from the developers behind League of Legends.

Riot Games always marketed VALORANT to be a PC only tactical shooter game. Since Riot Games took some heavy inspiration from CSGO while making their first tactical shooter, they also followed Valve’s footsteps in releasing the game to the PC crowd first.

However, Anna Donlon who is the producer on VALORANT didn’t completely disregard the possibility of VALORANT ever coming to the consoles. For the time being, Riot claimed that VALORANT will be a PC exclusive title.

Controller support in VALORANT:

Since VALORANT’s latest patch 1.11 is now out, data miners started to dig through the game files for any additional content. Turns out, Riot Games is planning to introduce controller support in VALORANT. As this is still a leak, take all of this news with a grain of salt. Just because it is in the game files doesn’t mean it will actually arrive any time soon.

Valorant controller support
Image Via Riot Games

Furthermore, the last patch also showcased some codes that hints Riot Games is also working on a mobile port for VALORANT. VALORANT was made from the ground up to be a really competitive FPS game where only your skills matter.

Introducing controller support might become an issue down the line. Some of the pro players like Shroud still think controller and mouse/keyboard players shouldn’t compete in the same lobby in tournaments where there is prize money at stake.

The old controller vs mouse/keyboard war might become a pretty heated battle in the VALORANT community based upon how Riot Games implements it.

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