VALORANT Reaver skin bundle: all the variants, animation, playercard, release date, price

Riot Games just officially teased the Reaver skin bundle making a return to the VALORANT store confirming the old rumors.

Even though data miners have been hinting towards the return of the Reaver skin collection in VALORANT, many were in doubt as there was no official confirmation from Riot Games. In a recent social media post, Riot Games finally teased the return of the Reaver collection just in time for Halloween.

However, the data miners are also suggesting the Reaver collection will be even improved from the last time. So, expect additional VFX effect or more new and exciting reload animation. The original Reaver collection was already one of the most popular skin collection in VALORANT. And if the rumors are true the newly improved collection will certainly attract new players in the spooky season.

New Reaver Bundle skin bundle
Image via Riot Games

Reaver skin all variants first look:

Basically, the teaser confirmed the existence of this skin bundle. The Reaver collection contains Vandal, Sheriff, Operator, Guardian, and the melee knife.

Reaver skin collection all the variants
Image via Valorant Leaks

Reaver playercard:

Reaver skin playercard
Image via Valorant Leaks

Reaver skin animations:

Reaver Halloween skin release date

Reaver Halloween skin price

The new collection might be a step above the previous collection. As a result, the exact price of these new skin bundle is still not officially announced. Expect them to be slightly pricier than their previous iteration if Riot makes some significant changes to their appearances and effects.

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