How to properly use Omen ultimate in VALORANT

A guide on how to properly use Omen ultimate in VALORANT

Omen is probably one of the most intriguing agents in VALORANT. All of his kits are tailor-made for lurkers.

Players who are already aware of the role of a lurker in a tactical shooter like VALORANT knows that it is one of the most important roles in the game. Omen’s abilities are developed from the ground up to be a perfect fit for those crazy lurk plays.

Omen’s ultimate is one of the most poorly used ultimate in the game. Since most players would only use Omen’s ultimate to either get on enemy spawn to flank the enemies from behind or get info, most of the time players forget that they can also use his ultimate to literally counter some other powerful ultimate in the game.

Omen ultimate guide
Image via Riot Games

Omen ultimate guide:

Instead of just using Omen’s ultimate to get info or teleporting behind the enemy base, players can also use his ultimate in a more creative way. For example, players can use Omen’s ultimate to counter Ultimates of agents like Cypher or Killjoy.

The exact moment these agents pop their ultimate, Omen players can just teleport anywhere to deny any additional advantages to the enemies. It can come in really handy while pushing or defending a site. The fact that Omen can teleport anywhere on the map has the potential for some great outplays at all levels of the game.

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