Killjoy turret placements to cover all bombsites on every map in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games released Killjoy as their new sentinel agent in ACT 2 of VALORANT back on August 4th.

As of now, she is still an integral part of the meta in VALORANT. Her kits are really good when it comes to locking down an entire site. Even though she is more of a supporting character, her ultimate paired with all of her turret and alarm bots on the defense site makes her an essential pick for most teams.

Especially, her turrets are great for guarding areas. These turrets can be placed on almost anywhere on the map. Although her turrets are great for covering all bombsites on every map in VALORANT.

Killjoy turret placement on every map
Image via Riot Games

Killjoy turrets placements:

Knowing where to place killjoy’s turrets can be a great way to pressure the opponents especially on the defensive side. A good killjoy player needs to know exactly where to place her turrets in order to get the maximum amount of leverage out of them.

Basically, the guide above will help new Killjoy players to properly place her turrets on the defensive sides to cover all the bombsites on all the maps in VALORANT. Since her turrets are really annoying to deal with, it creates an extra bit of pressure on the opponents to be really careful.

A really good turret placement can go a long way in a crucial rank game. Placing turrets on the right side of the bombsite can sometimes end in some super clutch plays. Even though the damage coming out of the turrets are not that great, the aim punch from their shot is really annoying to deal with.

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